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Desrek Allum

You Just entered the African Juttah 2020
By: Patricia A. Bradford, Apostle
Wr. 1992-1996

                                                      Desrek Allum, This Christmas

I Am Alpha And Omega, The Beginning And The End, What Thou Seeest Write In A Book
                                                                  Scene I

-“I was raped and sodomized by three of my classmates,” as one wiping meticulously at near to tear eyes, even a leaking nose at finding himself in front of a group talk section Collin Hain could not believe he was unleashing the darkest day and secret of his short lifetime. “The main guy had been making advances to me, although I wasn’t gay, these advances yet stirred my weak flesh into trusting him who was openly gay. This, this right here is André, I, actually we lost one another for a while after this happen, but we’ve since found each other, we’re even engaged,” that he’s to pause at the applaud of a group of about twenty others young people. “I mean what can you say about feelings? I was horrified, the pain was unbearable yes, but the reality of what had happen. I wanted to die and if my two cousins, Desrek and Soledad, both of them believers, in the Christ Lord I mean, if they’d not been there for me, well God have mercy I would be giving this testimony from the pits of hell no doubt. There is no evidence of this, I made sure nothing of this would be known beyond that hotel room and that’s ok. I’m not looking to bring charges, but that you be reminded nothing in this world other than Christ’s Cross is what it seem, especially with the Supreme personally promising delusions upon unbelievers.  One of these guys has since apologized, he said something about a darkness had a hold of him, he could see and hear.  That he could even feel everything he was doing and believing was all wrong but he was powerless to stop, he further says he just fell one day. That he stumbled upon his face and started calling on the Supreme Holy One of Israel and the dark presence illuminating as a light (the American Dream) was lifted off of him, like a weight unimaginable he described it, it’s a miracle he said, and indeed it is. To be honest it was an easier transition for him than it was for me, I simply wanted to crawl off into a hole somewhere and dwindle away to non-existence, though we being immortal, with a death judgment pending, this simply wasn’t possible. No matter how much it hurt me and embittered me and even horrified me, I had to make a choice, you have to make a choice because beyond this planet you have no control over your fate. Only he who created mankind has this power and no man has this claim, it’s what the Christ mean when he says don’t fear. Or don’t be intimidated by those who has power or who usurp power over your flesh, but has no power over your immortality, don’t fear them. You’re born dead, or with a death debt and God unto Christ’s Cross is both proprietor and the redemption, don’t be deceived, the man you fear can only kill your body, the God you trespass against can kill both your body and soul in hell. The spirits of homosexuality and Lesbianism, of same sex relations and marriages are described in the Supreme’s word as turning the truth of God into a lie, and as a result the Supreme promise malignancy would be rampant among these evil doers, this is why the lifeblood has been so tremendously compromised by what is described as HIV (Aids), this 20th /21st century holocaust. It’s true, making this choice, or these choices is your freedom, the Christ Lord died for your freedom, that you know the truth about the practices (freedoms) that you make, that when you make these decisions you’re deciding whether to walk with God (Christ’s Cross) or against God (the children of the devil, Religion/Politics). This is what you have to be most concern about; God’s form of righteousness is about you knowing the truth and the implications, even the accountability of those decisions. We can’t worship God,” a stunning, truly inspirational André is to chime in as they’re to make these claims as a couple, “and he can’t be God to us, create this phenomena relationship with us if or when we make the wrong decision.  Just say we’re in a discussion whereas we’re all talking about how we’re looking forward to spending eternity in heaven with God, and all the various ways we have of getting there. There’s the church we attend, the denomination we’re in, the known spiritual leaders we have, that we’re or you’re one of the most kind, charitable persons you know. Of course this list goes on and on and on and the Christ Lord walk up, the one who know even the words in our mouth and say, that all seem good and right, but I’m the way, truth and the life, no man cometh unto, or enter into, upon the Supreme Father except by me. Then someone ask but how is it you’re the only way? And then he answer the cross, the blood sacrifice, the atonement for you, I suffered in my flesh, as God putting on flesh for this reason. That’s to completely make null and void the blood/sin debt against you, there is no other line of defense against this sin debt, by the shedding of blood it’s the second death, or the shedding of pure blood, immortal life, and all mankind’s blood carries a sin debt. This is why God, this single mediator created the Christ Lord as sin, who knew no sin, who was essentially sinless, not that he couldn’t sin, but wouldn’t sin as he’s the only one who could enter into the Holies of Holy offering up his own pure blood for the salvation of mankind, (his name shall be called Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins). In other words guys,” as one rubbing nervous, manly palms along the edge of his seat, where the young people in attendance totally flabbergasted by these two, easily super models, this couple and thus they sat silently, patiently. “You may think the greatest decision you’re to make is your choice of college or career, that is nothing and has been nothing but a subterfuge, the truth is you’re on your way to a grave, and when that happen whether or not you believed the Christ Lord will decide the fate of your immortal soul. Remember the Supreme Creator breath into man and he became a living soul, it is your God-ship, it can, and shall never, ever perish. Yeah but what of those who don't believe in any of this? That's Eugene your choice, Andre and I are talking just in case, thus, your most meaningful decision is immortal life, or immortal death as our God and not rebellious man, will reign."   <<< ”The other day I heard this young man attempt to explain where Christianity originated, Christianity as this infiltration and trap of the white man. Well that mean Sole he was actually talking about apostate Christianity, non-believers and apostate Christianity worship the same god, the god of this world. Actually religion is Satan/unbelievers form of worshiping God, of course it’s not to worship God, but to turn the truth of God into a lies and lifestyles they're more comfortable with and overthrow God. This is so they can set themselves up in the temples of God as they themselves are god, this is what Jesus was unveiling when he made the statement that he knew where Satan seat is, pretty much overseeing the churches, congregations, pulpits and homesteads of men. What would you say, May? What would I say? I say true Christianity Sole come to us because of one man, the woman seed, the one shaped and mold in the woman’s womb by Holy Spirits to one day bear the sin debt of eternal punishment for all who will come. While I was sitting behind my desk at work yesterday, I was reminded of how the Jewish people came to be the chosen, it was because they first chose God, and that’s not something we think about. Out of all the God’s in the land of Egypt, gods that had seemingly made this nation the greatest and most powerful. The most sort after in all the world, these slaves among significantly prosperous men decided to believe in a God with the exception of an astounding earth, heaven and mankind, who’d never shown Himself to be real, regardless, they chose to believe He was real. Jesus told the city of Jerusalem rejecting him in ways unthinkable virtually the same thing, how they wouldn’t see him again until they first believe him as Christ Lord and call on him accordingly. It’s why Sole without faith it’s impossible to please him, because without faith it’s impossible for him to please us, or to make himself known to us. Despite how horribly they were treated, these slave people would not let it go, they believed in a higher, beyond any man’s imagination God that was above all gods. That if they fainted not he would send them a deliverer, as so he did, he would set them free from bondage, as so he did, and he would lead them to a promise land, as so he did. For when the fullness of time was come, Elohim, this deliverance, this exodus wouldn’t be the end of their trials but the beginning to start a new era if you will. Certainly nothing of this magnitude, no nothing this mighty could come without bloody trials for without shedding of blood there is no remission. It’s why the whole earth is a battlefield, it’s why everyday it’s a virtual holocaust or genocide, and why every leader, guide great or small is nothing more than a voice of the martyred, certainly Soledad, without end, repent!.”

                             And I looked And Behold A Lamb Stood On Mount Sion
                                                              Scene II

-”There is then Sole only one way to fix this curse, and it’s why not one man born to Adam’s seed could ever do it, as the curse remain upon him and everything he say and does, everywhere he go, it’s all cursed and people die everytime Sole they open their mouth regarding something other. Though the Archangel Gabriel was now appearing to a young Jewish girl, they said she was possibly about sixteen years old, she’d come from the lineage of those people who believe in God. Those who believed what people on the earth couldn’t in a million years believe, there was such a thing as a creator, Supreme God. Holy Spirits would visit her wound, in it would they manifest and grow a man child, the purpose of this man child would be to set his people free from their sins, and his name would be called Jesus. No doubt the archangel Gabriel was talking about the messiah for the whole entire world of man, as the entire world of man was the first Adam and Eve lineage. Although this new man-child would be of the woman seed, he wouldn’t be of the earth’s father, but of the Heavenly father deeming himself a sinless potentate for the redemption of mankind bearing the first Adam’s curse lineage in his very blood, contaminating all things he was and would ever be. This is what this Christ Lord was explaining to the religious leaders judging them at unwashed hands, O my god; they thought they had something this simple to be worried about. No, it wasn’t what went into man, into his mouth that contemned him, but that which was shaped and mold of his mother’s womb, in his heart, making him and enabling him of being despitefully wicked. No man you guys born from the first Adam exempt, they were cursed in their very blood lineage to sin and to do evil unto wickedness and there wasn’t enough water. Nor was there enough religious rituals or congregating of supporting people that could ever in a million years change it, mankind was doomed to fail as so he has.” “Evidently from the first Adam despite all his getting and having and wanting he is failed hence-forth Sole the claim, all have sinned and fallen short of the righteousness of God. This is why they have a sordid past going on for millennium to this very hour at present to prove it so, mankind must be cursed look at how he perishes. That Sole my brother would prove how proud mankind, how prudent and stiff-neck, they have thousands of years of failure under their belt. A unadorned malfunction where they’ve visibly chased their tails for naught and they simply refuse to surrender to the single blood sacrifice crying aloud come unto me all ye that labor and I will give you rest (divine salvation). Why him? Because he has the blood of Holy Spirits pouring through his veins, he offer it with blood in his tears, but a surrendered soul is he, spill his blood for the sins of men and the man who surrender his will (eternal soul, life) accordingly will never thirst (hunger after unrighteousness) again, never. This is why the believer of him, who’ve surrendered themselves and are going on by Holy Spirits to become themselves the righteousness are like him, Christ like, Christian. There are apostates who can call themselves by this title for as often as they like but unless they’re born-again, surrendered heart, mind and soul Jesus says he will profess he never, ever knew you, he also Sole said, he would spew them out of his mouth, meaning curse them. I had this dream the other night, in the dream I was taken away from everything I treasure, from you May and you Kiefer and you Sole, and placed in a cell. When I asked the keepers what this was about one of them answered and said do you remember the beginning, and I said, you mean the Genesis? I don’t remember much after that except soon I escaped and returned back to that I treasured, back to you, Key, and the rest of you, it was the strangest thing. In the beginning God, right? Then the book of revelation is to have a similar announcement, I’m Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. It was Desrek through the book of Genesis God unveiled his truest identity to mankind, as so his original plan for humankind. What’s so amazing not even for a second has this world deviated from that he ordained in the beginning and of course revelation is to unveil the quite climatic end to all at the beginning of God’s eternal reign with man. I guess what they reveled to you is all of this suppose to be like a blessed hope regardless of how magnanimous the trials and tribulation set to come. I don’t May want to be here for that, and Desrek for the most part we won’t, but millions will be and for a time the evil one will be given power to overcome them. Though soon without prevail, because the Christ himself shall come and fight with the anointed and overthrow this wicked blackness forever. This was the blessed assurance given recently when I was standing over my stove and the Holy Spirit began speaking to me and he said soon you could be in heaven. Looking down upon and praying for the tribulation saints as the anti-Christ is given power to overcome them, then a few weeks later I was reminded how the tribulation saints will possibly be taken out just as the two witnesses, this is how close these end-times events and yet until their fulfillment how far off. How do you Maaseiah, ah Tiffany know when it’s the Holy Spirit speaking and not you, yourself? Well the Holy Spirit speaks the revelations of God, and he only speaks of the things of God, God’s truth leading us accordingly, besides the word of God he’s the only window into the working of God’s throne, it’s not of man and you know it’s plainly obvious. Remember about six months passed he warns of an occupied America that was coming, occupied territory, that although we’d been exempt, that our parents were, little would our children and grandchildren be as exempt. It was Kiefer presented to me in the form of a question and it previously looked into the unthinkable troubles coming to American soil stripping and separating us of all things we love. Especially our loved ones, hence your dream Desrek, thus we can’t, we cannot forget the promises of God, a redeemer has, will and is as we speak, He’s coming. Which May remind me, through one of your dreams, or by a vision, or visitation to heaven you looked in where you witness the Christ being prepared to come into the battle of Armageddon, indeed Desrek he has to come or no flesh in Israel, Christianity mother nation shall be saved. I like to think Desrek these are all things I saw when the prophet Ezekiel unveiled three time tested doors in heaven to me, the glory of God being so tremendous what human could bear it? So there were all these periodic glimpses of these divine events so every now and then in a dream or vision I remember something I vaguely saw and this particular instance. Soon I remember Jesus as being described in revelation, he’s being prep to come into the final ever battle, and on his vesture hath it written King of kings and Lord of lords. Wow, that is so incredible, and what’s even more incredible, nothing they show you Maaseiah or tell you deviates from that which has already been written or revealed. Well like my brethren apostles before me I can only tell what I’ve seen and heard, I would frustrate Christ’s Cross or grieve the Holy Spirits doing something deceptive. I know you got to go, and all, that we’ve held you here long past your flight, but how many times do you think archangels have appeared to you? Well with genuine fear and trembling Desrek and you’re right I must go, Nicholas is going to worry, but I don’t know if they ever leave, I looked briefly into a dream or vision recently whereas I was to realize I or the church-bride as an entire, I was surrounded by angels all around.  I could Desrek tell you realizing that brought about this ensuring assurance, for some reason I can’t quite put my finger on it, it just didn’t. It was nice seeing you guys, you guys have the best trip, and the best holiday, I’ll no doubt see you all soon, yeah May you too, and greet Nicholas just as sincerely. It’s amazing, I mean what were the chances we ran into her here? Maaseiah truly believe that with all things revealed to her most recently that the man of sin reign is only months off.  As so the great gathering of saints, and with all land, people and places all simultaneously enduring one or another end-time fulfillment of biblical prophecy. Yeah Desrek, only a womb hold this evil ones unveiling in further mystery, beware, take heed, desolation unfounded amass. What did she mean, knowing she’s surrounded by angels gave her no true assurance? Well Kiefer you have to understand May has truly suffered great trials and to suffer greatly knowing angels were all around but loan you not a hand can be disappointing. I’m not saying bad things doesn’t happen to us all per God’s Kingdom reigning forever but we’re promised Angels will arrive to our rescue, lest we dash our feet against a stone. This is what the mockers did doing Christ’s Cross, they mocked him that if he be the son of God bring himself down from the cross. Obviously their not realizing he’d already forewarn the evil religious leaders that when and if they destroy his body (the mediated by God temple of God) , in three days he would rebuild it, so although he didn’t come down from the cross, in three days he came out of the grave. That’s beautiful Desrek man, just beautiful, yeah but if they’re not there to help, what’s the point? They’re here to help, it’s just that they’re under God’s command, and we, mankind even in view and realization of the Cross, Satan’s seat remain. “Ah that’s us, man I can’t wait to get my hands on one of grand momma’s pies, no Sole it’s her dressing, and that delicious pasta of hers, you have your favorite Desrek man, and I have mine.  What is it? What? No it’s just that you’ve been obsessing over your communicator for the longest, you guys go on without me, huh? Yeah, something urgent has come up, I’ll get my tickets changed to an altered flight and get there just as soon, you do know it’s Christmas Eve? I know Sole it’s Christmas eve, no, no go with Sole,” seeing wife Kiefer Bay is to stay behind as well, "what is this urgency? May is already gone, that’s cute, it’s the center, an emergency, come on, you guys can do without me a few hours, right?You sure about this?” Dabbling sweetly into his neck, his collar at drawing attractively close, was Kiefer Bay yet to meet her brand new in-laws. “Three, four hours at the most and I’m on a later flight and there to you, maybe I should stay to make certain you keep, no, go with Sole, if you two trust Kassle Berlyn, then trust me, I’ll be there.”

                            *  And With Him A hundred And Forty Four Thousand
                                                                   Scene III

     -“No you tell me, how am I Kas gonna bring you home to Jamaica and not have somewhere special to take you?” “This is all he talked about all the way home,” taking another fork of delicious sweet potato pie, was it unlike any she’d had before, black sweet potato pie, she guessed, how else to explain it’s perfection? “How he couldn’t wait to get his hands on one of grand-mars pies, I see why, it’s completely delicious, wow!” “Just so you know grandma I’m not just saying that because I’m your favorite grand-daughter-in-law, but because it’s so true, it is grandma, delicious.” ”I still Soledad don’t understand what was so important at that center Desrek Alum couldn’t arrive with the rest of you.” “You have to remember moma, the center is for the homeless as well, and this year even more people are in very desperate trouble, so he went to help, he should be here no later than, what, nine or ten?” “Well I wanted the tree decorated long before then, I saved it so we could decorate it Christmas eve, we can still Mar decorate the tree, Desrek won’t mine, you sure, what you think Kiefer?” Ah, I agree, he’ll be more disappointed with the realization he held us up, yeah, that does make sense, so I guess I’ll get everything set up.” “So where is this place you’re taking me?” "Ah, whoa,” with grand-mar Jessy, quietly, graciously handing her a note, it completely behooved Kassle Berlyn until she realized it was a recipe. “It’s for the pie, grand-mar, are you sure, you’ve never given anyone that recipe before?””I’m my Sole son very sure, it’s time I passed it on, well thank you grandma,” as one happily getting up to her, granting her a neck, to neck embrace, did Grand-mar spell deliciously of vanilla perfume or something like that.” “You smell really good, thank you dear, so do you, and here is a recipe for you, my strawberry cake, ummm, that sound good, thanks grandma,” coming also into a gracious hug, where Mother and Grandmother Aggart, two of the most gracious people. “So you gonna be ok, or do we have to make, …Mother!" Seeing she to approach, with the phone dangling from her hand, this horrid look on her face, apparently something bad has happen.. “He’s been shot, Desrek Allum been shot,” sending all of their minds along a whirlwind of fear, horror and uncertainty, and wailing, did Soledad immediately grab the phone, “Hello, hello, Sole?” Yeah, what’s going on, Desrek been shot, shot but how, was there a shooting at the center, a drive by?” “It’s bad Sole, you and the others should get here right away, get there, it’s Christmas Eve, then try Sole, ok, just try, wait, where’s Ron, she with him, Sole, get here now!” “What is happening?” "That was Dexter, he said there’s been a shooting, we got to go, what kind of shooting, is he ok, what’s happening?” “I don’t know, I, I, let’s pray!" As a faithful one grabbing their hands, did grand-mar Aggart begin to pray, to ask for Desrek life, that he be restored back to his former health just as soon, that the weapon formed against him, even them wouldn’t prosper. “No I say we all go, we go and see what the airliner can do for us, if it’s one of us Mother you’ll go, if two you and I will, we’ll figure it from there.” ‘Grand-mar?” “I’ll stay here and pray, there’s nothing I can do for him there that I can’t do for him here, just let him know I love him so much, ok grand-mar, we’ll call as soon as we get word.”     <<<“So what do you think?” “I think Star you look absolutely stunning, but you look just as stunning in the last few dresses, not dresses, gowns, ok which is the easiest to get off of you, you is so mannish, well Star you are my wife.” “How often do you, how often do they inquire, they ask every now and then, probably Cheyenne as often as you, I know you thought, we Star, we thought by now we would have children.” “You Cheyenne been telling me for the last two years it’s up to the Supreme, how he doesn’t come when you want him, how he doesn’t come on time but when he come, like Mary, Martha and Lazarus, all power is in his hand.” “It’s going to happen Chey, Little Big Horn, and Pierce Creek Mount, you believe that right?” “The ball is only days off, so please honey, ok, ok, color, what’s your favorite color, this,” as one prancing around into a looking glass with her stunner husband Cheyenne Water Falls looking on just as amused, were they now the only ones of the married, not with children. “I’ve decided, I’ll get this one, it’s really amazing, you are really amazing, amazing husband and wife, soon to be amazing mother and father.” “I’m sorry Star, it’s really none of their business we haven’t conceived yet, we should be able to wait as long as we want, only Chey, this isn’t us waiting, maybe we should see someone, maybe something is wrong.” “ok, you’re right, I’ll talk to Mar’mar Rumah about it, she’ll know what to do and how, is that ok?” “ Now Chey, my hair, whether to wear it up or down, {{{“Cheyenne here, yes, I’m out with Star what’s happening there, what’s all the commotion in the background?” “No I haven’t forgotten, you Lion Wolf called me remember, I don’t know, possibly only minutes more, for how long?” “I took tonight off so Star and I, and Lion you never will, not until you get a wife of your, all right I’ll stop by, but only for a few minutes, he is so worrisome, ah you love the way they depend on you.”

                                   * Having His father’s Name Written In Their Forehead
                                                                      Scene IV

-“I just can’t believe it, think about it Erica, it’s Christmas eve, I’m in France, and I’m working on opening a new fashion center Cherchez La Femme Emporium, (Look for the woman), in a castle that is beyond description."  "I’m telling you Erica Lynn, you won’t be able to believe it even after you see it, I keep waiting to awake from it all, I guess I can tell you Sissy and I thought you would make a detour for sure, how, well did you guys bet on it?" "To be honest, yes, yes we did.” “So it was that serious, you guys really doubted, …my lord is it lunch time already?” Glancing her diamon watch at seeing a tall, stunning Nicholas Edin coming in, but how was this provisional spirit unlike Nicholas Edin and these pressing Macremore trials of his. “No, not, ahhhh, so you couldn’t stay away from me?” “Yes and, what is it?” ”Hey Erica, we’ll talk later, ah Ronda called, she said she’s been trying to reach you for, Nicholas, what!” That out of a tense swallow most unnerving was it more of those pressing Macremore trials? “Desrek has been shot, shot!” “What are you, is, how, who shot, that’s all in the air, you need to call Corronda ok, just call Corronda.” “Ok, ok, but what are you not telling me, is he dead, is Desrek dead?” “Noooo,” taking her hand, leading her his way, calming her, bringing her close into his breath, face, that alluring scent, even into a gradual hug, this his immortal love. “You should call Corronda, ok, I’m right here, I’m not leaving, ok, call her, and I’ll call and get the Macre-more Jet ready and we’re out of here, alright?” “We,?” Ingesting into a hard swallow, an alarmed beyond description Tiffany couldn’t help but be reminded this is the very man assigned to bring her the worse news ever, that she’d lost Michael Day. “Hello, hey this is, Tiff, god I been calling and calling, Desrek been shot?” “Yes, he’s still in surgery, some guy from the center stuck a pistol in his side, declared his love and respect for him Tiff and pulled the damn trigger, how insane is that?” “Well Nicholas is readying the jet so we shouldn’t be long, how long he’s been in surgery, how bad is he?” “I’m not going to, it doesn’t look good, the bullet torn up his vital organs, kidneys, bladder, there is even fear the internal bleeding that could collapse his lungs, so the sooner you get here, the better.” “So where is this guy now?” “Ah he surrendered, he laid his weapon down and raised his hand while others work to save Desrek’s life.” “I feared something like this would happen, Desrek told us about a dream he had, where he was stripped bear and being lead to the gallows, where he was being persecuted and prosecuted, you know, for his faith.” “I better go, Nicholas is ready, I’ll see you soon, you guys keep him in prayer, mom always told me prayer always change things.” “Someone from the center shot him,” coming into a readied passenger side of the car, would they get straight to the air strip, straight to America, straight to a literally dead Desrek Alum. “Said he shot him and then surrendered right there on the spot,” seeing she’s to search out tissues, wipe herself just as soon, did Nicholas know how vitally important Desrek Alum was to her, just seeing her hurt this way truly torn his heart out. “What is it all coming to?” “My god in heaven, Desrek is the kindest person I know, the kindest person in the world, well Tiffany from what you just described, that is why he was attacked, whether here right or in heaven right, he'll be ok, right. right?” "Yes, Right!"     <<”

                                              * ...And I Heard a Voice From Heaven...
                                                                   Scene V

-insert the saurus twins “I couldn’t go home, and I’m tired of looking for places to go, wow, look who the ex-girl friend dragged in, I wanted to say cat but that just didn’t work.” “Cute, am I coming in or not?” Of course come," moving aside to Nick Cole’s entry, did he not waste time removing his jacket, getting into the kitchen for a snack and something to drink. “I told you I didn’t want to be alone on Christmas Eve, where’s Camera, sleeping, I hope for the rest of the night, yeah keep dreaming, it’s a while yet before he start sleeping at night.” “By the way Nia, You have a middle name?” Yes, and?” McKenzie, Nia McKenzie, hum, that’s a beautiful name,” as one designing a major cold cut sandwich, a nice glass of soda to drink, would he have water for the rest of the evening. “Did you ever reach your mom?” “By the way you mind if I fix me a sandwich? “I’m starved, no I never reached her, and yes, you’re welcome to whatever you want, what are you watching?" "I think it’s Jingle bells All The Day, you know, it’s a wonderful life is possibly on, it was but not anymore, are you serious, I missed the greatest Christmas movie of all time?” “What, no encore?” ”My favorite is Miracle on 34th Street, "my word who could that be?” “No one know I’m here but you and you’re here, yes,” thinking some kind of way her mother had found her, even Cam Stephen Ross, Camera’s father, it’s me Nia, it’s Andre, Andre?” “It’s your sister, but how?” “Hey, hey, look, please tell me my brother is here, I’ve looked all, ah thank God, how did you know I was even in town, let alone here?” “Well I learn you didn’t go out of town, ah something has happen, it’s Desrek, he’s in the trauma center, what the hell happen, whose Desrek?” “Look Hain is really upset, you coming or not?” “Yeah, I’m coming, can I come? “I don’t want to be alone, ah, uh, we’ll meet you at the center, we’ll grab Camera and we’re right behind you, ok, don’t take too long, I won’t, we’ll be right there.” “You sure you wanna take Cam to a trauma center?” “He’ll be fine, who is this Desrek guy, ah Hain cousin, more like brother, really, really great guy, we gotta go, if you’re sure about this, I’ll get the car ready and we’ll be on our way.”     <<< ”Who the world?” Witnessing the tall, stunning Indian brothers coming in, where they too stunning for pure description, actually more than like a scene out of the bold and beautiful soap opera. “We got here Maaseiah as soon as we could, great, I only just got here myself, I just got permission, we’re all going to meet in the chapel, it’s more than large enough.” “It’s Desrek Alum,” walking with them to the chapel, the entire group of them totaling a dozen or more with others on the way, "Desrek, What happen?” “He was shot by an admirer turn fanatical I guess you can say,

and his prognosis so far?” “Not good, not good at all which is why I needed you, all of you here, so we can pray him healthy, pray him well,” always so astonishing looking, always smelling so good, always caring so enormously for others, they were truly in Maaseiah’s present. “Well that’s why we’re here, this sole Christmas miracle.” “Everyone please take a seat, and thank you for coming, we all know each other here with the exception of Sioux, will you Sioux?” “Ahhh, I’m Sioux Noel of the Paris Globe," tall, stunning and gloriously well spoken, faith hearted, with many alike, this too was a holy place all it's own. "And these are my brothers, Apache, Cheyenne, Marked Tree, Lion Wolf Paw, Saber Tooth, Medicine Bow, and Bronze Cotton who is in the Juttah, where I’m afraid we all should be, as is evident to why we’re all here.” “I’ve been communicating with Desrek especially through my dreams, we seem to have a mental and spiritual attachment there.”  "I don’t mean to alarm any of you but he’s uncertain about whether he want to stay, he want to stay for you Ronda, and you Sole, and of course Kiefer for you, but he as well want to go, just be over and done with it all.” “Well what do we, how do we convince him?” “That Sole, Soledad is Desrek’s brother, to be honest Desrek is already in the paradise of God, he’s visiting the two witnesses, the two witness?” “Ah now Maaseiah, don’t forget, Moses and Elijah visited the Christ on the mount of trans-figuration, yeah but that was Jesus, and we’re Lion Wolf the Church Bride, greater works (grace), shall ye do, remember?” “This is just a reminder how Holy Spirits are the same today, yesterday and forever, man, the two witnesses, the paradise of God, I wouldn’t want to come back either.” “Well we don’t want to lose our brother just yet, he didn’t mean anything by it, it’s that what Maaseiah is telling us is everyone here purpose after Jesus Christ.” “I plan to tell him about everyone that’s here, not that I’ll have to, so he’ll know he’s not alone, that no way is he in this alone, in this great missionary for the Supreme, and hope that will persuade him how we yet need him in this battle for mankind’s souls.” “Spirit River, Christian," seeing they are to as well enter, in, where the gang of them so to speak all there, thus the chances of losing Desrek Alum was slim, very slim indeed. “We came as soon as we got your message, will you two lead us in prayer, and Sioux you guys after that, and whoever want to come in, and I’ll bring up the rear, we won’t Desrek Alum here and healed.”

                                              * ...As The Voice Of Many Waters...
                                                             Scene VI

-“Why is it I know you two?” “In the Heavens Lord Alum, we know one another as we are?” “So long before your mission, you know to come, to be a witness to Jerusalem in its worse hour?” “Surely you remember what the Christ hath said, how only the Father know this day, this hour, thus and so we can only tell you soon.” “You guys have been telling us soon for thousands of years, then we’re to say sooner, we seek after the same completion and conclusiveness as you Lord Alum, we desire the marriage supper, the seventh trumpet sounding, there is to be a celebration most tumultuous.” “Yes they’re summoning you, you have a decision to make, will I remember any of this?” “You will remember only in part, but one day your memory Lord Alum will no longer elude us, you.” “Did either of you ever want to go back?” “Yes, certainly," looking upon what appear to be two aged, as in ancient fathers, one whose name was Enoch, and the other Elijah, they were the two end time witnesses, the two olive branches. That once the church bride is extracted, they will arrive on the scene, of course, an ascended Desrek Alum didn’t have to ask these things he simply knew. “What shall I do, should I go to them?” “Have you Lord Alum seen, have you heard, many greatly await you, they await your faith, your courage and love, Lord Urusalem has summoned them all that you’re to know, you’re far from being alone.” “Do I  know him, Do I know this Lord Urusalem, as truly as you Lord Alum know Lord Maasieah?” “We know the church bride that is being bidden to the marriage supper of the lamb, making herself ready as her time hath come.” “Is there fear, you know like the Christ feared, knowing what his sacrificial ministry would bring him, pain and death?” “Yes, Lord Alum, but it also brought us, him victory, much incalculable victory, so yes, we face the pious one as flesh.” “As blood, surely we fear as men only to reign as gods, death is never easy, it’s a curse, and is thus never easy.” “There are mighty spirits of concern, peace and love, much, much love Lord Alum after you, what will you decide?” ”What if I stay, then like the Christ-Lord you will be made ready to receive your bride, speaking of bride Lord Alum, yes," bringing stinging eyes, and nostrils to the forefront was this all the evidence he was yet in his human form and not as yet descended to the father. “I see her, she summons me most of all, she summons her husband, Ronda her brother, and Maasieah her friend, there are so many, they all call to this place, I, I, help me, please help me, help me decide.”      <<<“What just happen in there, who are those people?” Bringing Camera into the family restroom, to change him and again feed him, Nia was both astonished and confused at what she’d just experienced. “I’ve never Cole seen or felt anything like that before," using tissues to strike at tears getting along her cheeks, her nose, thinking Nia McKenzie didn’t know it, but he was just as flabbergasted as herself. “For one brief moment I thought we would all ascend into heaven right there where we stood, praised and prayed, my god in heaven what was that?” ”That Nia was exactly, what it was, astronomical, what else can be said?" "Look, I’m hungry, so hurry,” seeing she’s to get after her breast for feeding baby Camera, did he get off, away at finding himself in an awkward position indeed. “Why don’t I meet you in the cafeteria, we can grab a Christmas Eve to Christian dinner, I still say that was so amazing Cole, there’s no way you guys can lose him after that, there’s no way.” “There you are, hey we’re thinking of going to the local café, all of us?” “All Cole except the Indian tribe, ah did they leave already?” “Seem the Chaplin grabbed them, took them to a mission near-by, to work witnessing and serving Christmas dinners, wow hate I missed that, yeah Cole we can tell you’re all broken up.” “Where is the ready made family? “Friend Hain, not family, and she’s still coming down off of the high this Maaseiah, and her Holy friends just put us on, man how amazing.” “Yeah all I could think was to say be careful father, lest they take your heart, remember Jesus took his heart, father glorify thy son, ‘I have glorified him and will glorify him,’ man what a way to spend Christmas Day, so you two coming or not?” “Nia is feeding the baby so give us like fifteen and we’ll meet you guys down stairs, well hurry, we’re plenty hungry.”     <<<”Did I hear you guys are from France?” “Well actually padre we’re American born, it’s just after we reach a certain age we’re sent to France to work in the family business.” “Actually a ministry, I was there you know, I’ve never, I, I think I was having a Nicodemus moment, how long have you brothers been in the faith?” ”We’re actually born into it, or should I say re-born into it?” “It’s all in the world to us all.” “So the gentlemen that was shot, you know him well?” “Actually he’s a dear friend, of a dear friend, and you believe this miss when she say, she’s communicating with him?” “Of course, she’s Maaseiah, and that mean exactly what?” “She’s everything, everything the redeeming Messiah accomplished at the cross, she is thus everything, you guys think he’s going to come back, he’s still listed as critical?” “It’s up to him, he’s choosing between this doom world, doomed man except he repent, or the ascension, though there’s Maaseiah, I doubt he can resist coming back to her.” “I’ve had a bad hand for most of my life, it was crushed when I as only a child, since I was present with you guys last night, it has been like new, they’re not going to tell you, but many people were made whole last night, many walked out of the morgue dazed and confused but again alive.” “If I’d not seen it, or even experienced it, I wouldn’t believe it, well you Padre, you have to remember, it wasn’t us, simply the Holy Spirit working through us.

                                          *...And As The Voice Of Great Thunder...
                                                               Scene VII

-“I’m sorry," seeing this large group approaching, that they’re to dine together, there was only one place she could put them and not disrupt the dinning area. “All of you?" "Yes all of us, give me a moment, the padre that lead us off Maaseiah, he was there, had his hand healed, said many others were as well healed, that the dead rose and walked again, ..he did not, yes, we were all there.” “Tonight is your lucky night Miss, we actually have a dinning/ball room that will suffice, the only thing, you can only have it for like two and a half hours.” “Perfect, we only want to eat and get back to the medical center, great, I will lead you all this way and we’ll take care of you all just as soon.” “He actually said that, yeah, said they wouldn’t tell us, but there’s to be much gossip about it, he Maaseiah described himself as having a Nicodemus moment, that the dead walked from the morgue confused but alive.” “Spirit River and I believe it, and we also heard the gossip as described, many people benefited miraculously from the miraculous.” “Well we know it’s all going to be denied and put off as various forms of conspiracies until they’re blue faced or dead, I’m yet Maaseiah trying to phantom thine own Desrek Alum having a conversation with the two witnesses.” “Well Sioux if given the opportunity what would you ask or say of them?” “Ah that’s easy, when, yeah, Desrek asked when, they told him only the Supreme knew, but soon, yes that seem to be their safety net.” “Though as Maaseiah here said, with the passage of much time, thousands of years it can’t be that far off, to be sincere Medicine, it’s impossible, it’s to be that far off, which is why Gabriel made an appearance just recently reminding us so.” “They must truly love you, that’s Saber Tooth appreciate, and not just me, all of us, as so it’s trust, trust that just as they forewarn us, we’re to forewarn others.” “We betetr decide what to eat, get ourselves back, it is written Nicholas Edin that man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word proceeding out of the mouth of God, yes Sioux, but this is the man that yet need bread to live,correct?” ”Yes, correct, that too is so.”

                              ...And I Heard The Voice Of Harpers, Harping With Their Harps...
                                                                              Scene VIII

-“This make you sad, …yes, but it make her happy, very happy, thus Lords how can I be so sad?” “I’ve made a decision, you’re right, if I’m heaven bound what difference is there if I work from the kingdom or there unto the kingdom, there is nothing to fear.” I can tell your time draw near, just as everything in these heavens is soon known and revealed, I now, like never before know your time of missionary is upon you unto fulfillment.” “I’ve thought about it,” being able to read their thoughts was there the issue of forgiveness, not only his own, but that of Soledad and Corronda that they also forgive. “That much, that I’m to forgive as I ought, but truly I feel there is nothing to forgive, the truth made him weary and the weariness made him confused, the confusion made him unnatural and that caused him to carry himself inhumanly.” “I will no doubt see the two of you as we’re all bidden to the wedding supper of the lamb, stand my lords and when you’ve done all to stand, stand therefore.” “It is pleasant with hard description Lord Alum to know one as faithful and kind, as truthful as thyself labor for our cause most assured, be well beloved and remain true.” “You hesitant?” “I stand here and know I have a choice, a choice to abide here, or to descend again to there, and it is both sweet and bitter, but not for long I see, not for long, as the expedient arrival of one Lord will be as divine as a laboring honey-bee.” “Surely work Lord Alum while it is day, for the night cometh, desolations and lamentations whereas none but his Holiness of the Supreme Ancient shall reign as the hope of all of mankind.”      <<<”I can’t believe my eyes, that you guys are here,” granting an approaching Susan Faye and Erica Lynn, even Ashleigh Michelle and husband Anthony Dale gracious hugs at surprising her this way, had she not even imagined, let alone hoped.” “How could you not call us and tell us Desrek and Ronda was in this kind of trouble?” “Yeah Tif, we had to hear it on the news, is that Nicholas?” “Ah god I didn’t know Nicholas was here,” as one making ready to get right over to her brother-in-law, was he in likeness of her husband such the dream boat of the male sexiness. “Syefan wanted to come but his clientele is so demanding, “Nicholas, Sissy, what are you doing here?” Granting her a wide, loving, even kiss to the cheek hug, did Nicholas Edin smell simply edible, truly how intimidating to her very blood stirring. “Does Sye and Brad know you’re in town, actually you just reminded me, they don’t, it’s the holidays and everything been so unpredictable here you know.” “So how is he?” ‘He’s better yet, not good enough to be moved from ICU, but to be upgraded to stable, that just what they told us about ten or so minutes ago.” “It is true one of his own students shot him?” “Something like that yes, said he just couldn’t listen to him anymore, the lies and all and made a decision to kill him, to kill Desrek.” ‘Where are we going?” "Ah the chapel, it’s so many of us until eventually we move all ourselves into the chapel, so Sis for what it’s worth how was Christmas?” “Ah it was just great, yeah Tiffany and I traded presents the last time we were home, ah, a diamond pinky ring, yeah I don’t know if you know, but Tiffany think rings look really sexy on men.” “Which remind me, stop by the place, I have something for you guys, well Nicholas I was thinking the same thing, we got you guys presents also.” “Will you excuse me?” Seeing the Chaplin come in was it perfect timing that he’s to inquire of him about marrying he and Tiffany Ann, “ok Tip, who are those beyond stunning guys over there, how incredible, every one?” “Ah that’s Sioux, your Sioux?" "I guess you can say that, everyone here call them the tribe, you better not, I don’t think they like it much.” “You ever asked them to, you know, to model, no, but you can, I can?” Finding herself gravely surprise that Tiffany is to agree, was it so not like her to the point Erica thought she was being set up. “Yes, they are The Paris Globe, maybe they can give you an interview for View Dissuasion, it’s ok that I mention you?” “I don’t Erica Lynn see why not, look Sissy, while she’s gone I need you to do something for me, anything, come this way, I need a witness, Nicholas and I are going to say our vows and I want you Susan Faye as the witness, O my god, o my god, you can’t tell anyone, ok, not any one, not even Sye, ok, ok!” “As one raising her right hand into a swear was it obvious why Tiffany Ann had agree so easily to Erica’s idea, a I can’t hold water if you paid her billions, Erica Lynn.      <<<”I still Nia can’t believe you brought me a present, well I did, so how you like it?” “I love it, I’ll treasure it until it fall apart, I thought that would really look good on you, so, and it does.” “I didn’t get you anything but I will, you don’t have to, I just saw this amazing cardigan and thought of you immediately, so you ready?” “Ready?” “To get back to the medical center, to your friends so amazing, your sister?" "I don’t get it, you want to go back to the center, why?” “I like being around you, but I’m here with you, and I like being around them, those spiritual people so angelic I guess, I didn’t come to stay, just to freshen up and get right back there, ok, ok, since Camera doesn’t seem to have any arguments, why should I say no?” “I want you to tell me more about them,” as one bundling little Cam, Cam up really good and tight, it was Christmas, in New York, wishing for snow, with freezing weather like so. “I only Nia know Soledad and his, while the wounded one, and that’s because they’re like brothers to Colin Hain, he’s a really nice guy, deeply spiritual, sort of like her.” “Is it true this Desrek guy was shot for his faith?” “They have it all on video”, pulling from the parking lot, fanning lovely eyes skyward was the sky abnormally white, at his finding the weather station, meaning snow perhaps and if enough snow, they could get snowed in at the visitor center. “So Nia, the answer to your question is yes, it wasn’t a stranger, more like a fatal attraction, like he both loved and hated the truth, and the hate won him over.” “I was on the communicator briefly, while at the center, the Juttah, the question was asked about being born-again, that the Christ Lord he was described was the first to describe this phenomenon.” “I’ve never Nia heard it called a phenomenon, but with so much mystery, unbelief and uncertainty surrounding it, what does it mean?” “You are Nia so asking the wrong person, so you’re not born again?” “I believe in the Christ, persuaded through my mom, and my life Nia has gone a certain way because of it, even my being here right, Camera being here, with you I mean?” “I don’t know, when the Christ Lord said this to this religious leaders, I can only guess he was telling him.” ”Or even reminding him, his blood sacrifice unto all mankind salvation would only be the beginning of this spilled blood.” “ That the change all mankind was to make to get to God’s kingdom would demand the blood sacrifice of all that would come.” “Not so much that their blood would be mankind’s redemption, but their on unto all persuaded therein, does that make sense?” “If any man come after me, let him first deny himself, die, pick up his cross, again Nia, die, and follow this Christ, again Nia die, you must be made new.” “That was amazing, I think,” as one meticulously sweeping the slightest tears from her eyes, her cheeks, it was amazing, and unlike anything she was to imagine.  It was here Nia McKenzie realized why this Desrek Alum had been slain so, a two edge sword he was, a violent response this villain, therein.  “I’m sorry, well do your girl believe as you?” “I was going to say I’m sorry things haven’t gone as planned with her, Aleria, her name is Aleria, and I’m prayerful about it and thus I’m pretty certain Nia, we’ll work things out."

                  And They Sung As It Were A New Song Before The Throne
                                                          Scene IX

-“You were right May,” as one speeding as fast as he could toward Maaseiah, with news Desrek Alum was talking out of his sleep, actually talking to her. “It’s Desrek, he’s talking, are you serious?”As one wasting no time getting away with a stun as this Soledad Maurice, had it been some three days since he’d been shot and passed into a coma. “He talked,” greeting them with tears streaming along her cheeks, had it been nothing seeming forever, but had wife Kiefer Bay been a witness to this exciting breakthrough. “Desrek “ as one delicately coming upon his bed, seeing he’s to take a deep swallow into the fluttering of his eyes so close still, did he smile into looking directly upon her. “I knew you was here, you knew?” Tickle into a lovely release, at warm tears streaming along perfect features, could Tiffany Ann hardly believe what she was seeing, hearing. “Ah god I’m back,” massaging and ingesting into a tight throat, at needing a drink of water, was Maaseiah being the first face he’s to see, like this miracle. “You are right May, their time hath come, the two witnesses, just as Gabriel told you, and everything governments are doing, is evil’s last end time effort to over throw God and his anointed, this include the church-bride. “How long?” “Ah three days, I’m so thirsty, yes, here’s Kiefer, seeing Kiefer Bay is to be stun, but appreciative at her bringing his attention into his loving wife, did she motion a thank-you toward her. “She’s to help you with a drink of water, this should help,” not making a sound into a long sip of the straw, did they just pause eye, to eye at one another, “thanks, I was really thirsty, you scared the living mess out of us, you know that don’t you?” “Yes Ron and I’m happy to see you as well.” “So it was true, you was with them, with the two witnesses?” “Yeah Sole, it true, it’s as May said, I saw everything you guys, I saw the operating table, I saw that blood was everywhere and they didn’t think I would make it.” “I saw each and everyone one of you as you came, and seven bright lights,” as one with this bedazzled look on his face, this was the one thing Of all things he couldn’t explain. “I could see their faces, but not their identities as their faces were all masked by this bright, glorious light, quite relentless.”
“You ‘re no doubt Desrek referring to the Deburk brothers, Sioux Noel right, how did you ever persuade them, I didn’t persuade them, I asked them to come, as I did Christian and Spirit River.” “You made sure I didn’t have a chance, to remain, to stay with the anointed, the paradise of the Supreme, there’s no way you’re going without me or before me.” “Anyway the doctor is saying you need to rest, I don’t want to rest, I want to tell of what I saw,” a witness that with all the rest Maaseiah was as well getting out, that’s everyone with the exception of his lovely, faithful wife, Kiefer Bay, who was instead tucking him in, “what I May heard, later, get some rest, I, I, they’re all abandoning me, because they love you for sure, because they love you.”     <<< “I’ve never told anyone,” having especially Saber Tooth being this close to her, even to her son Camera, was this one thing gnawing so at her. “But I’ve written to the Paris Globe, it was a few year ago, I mean I heard you guys are Paris Globe, right?” “This is right, well I wrote how I was white, you’re really beautiful, I bet people Saber always tell you that, no?" "Well, not outright, they simply stare at us unendingly, and whisper to and fro.” “Any way, I wrote that I was a white person, that my siblings and parents were both white, how I lived in a white neighborhood, that’s up until a few years earlier I attended a white school.” “I then explained how I regularly watched three specific networks, Disney, Nickelodeon and Hallmark, which are as well totally white."  "I Saber shared all of this to then ask, are there any black people in this nation, or this world for that matter?” “Then I said, I know, I know, though the President’s mother is white, and his grandparents are white, he actually look black, but this isn’t about what you are, but how you look.” “How I keep telling my friends how utterly ridiculous this parade of Ken and Barbie characters on these networks they watch unendingly, when just recently I realize why I thought these programming so preposterous” “It’s Saber because these teen characters are so far away from reality, most America teens are addicted to drugs, alcohol, sex, with a growing appetite for suicide and violence, and it seem the more celebrity they are the more prevalent to these mounting corruptions.” “Actually Nia, it’s a lot worse than that, you’re not talking about a fad, that will past in or with time, sin is a contaminating, even contagious evil, the more you practice it, the more corrupt the heart and the mind.” “You’re in essence talking about the sin nature, it’s why all with attempts to mend these abominations have failed horribly." “When you realize this is sin’s nature, you’re then realizing this is the nature of the children that has been reduced to heinous acts so biblically proportional, Jesus, as the Supreme with Noah’s earth, with Sodom and Gomorrah, Jesus now see them identically as this threat and thus promise to kill them with death.” “You better come, Maaseiah is requesting to see us all, it was nice Nia talking to you, and you Saber Tooth as well, may it be well with you both, for always and forever.”


...And Before The Four Beast...
Scene X

     -“You’re heads over hill in love with that one, as always little brother talk what you know, that’s why Saber I said what I said.” “Anyway I’m to tell you, the wounded strides again, so does that mean we’re off for home?” “I could Saber ask you the same, I just don’t know, though feeling for her the ways you do, I’m sure you wouldn’t mine a few more days. Huh?” ‘Desrek Alum being with the two witnesses,” as one standing the podium, was it always so divine to both see and hear this wondrous woman that the Supreme hath made. “It has given us even more hope how the end of mankind’s kingdom dawn without another daylight to speak of may this blessed lord always and forever have mercy on us and bid us home to his throne.” “With the trials and tribulations, Lion wolf, that is how I was reassured, like the beast coming for the woman with all the fervent and trepidation and faith and she is instead captured into the heavens.” “I called you all here as Desrek with an attempt to describe you all, said he could only see seven divine lights, that though he saw your faces, your identities were masked by this great, glorious light.” “Us Maaseiah, and you thought he was describing us?” “No Medicine, I don’t think it, I know it, this is no doubt how the Supreme see you, you tell his people the truth that keep the cunning darkness at bay.” “He is resting now, but no later than the evening oblation, I think you should all go and introduce yourselves, of course Sioux he remembers you, and so delighted, you said evening oblation, who said?” “You Maaseiah, you said and I quote, no later than the evening oblation, that’s Daniel 9:21 and it represent the hour of 3:00 pm, when the lamb was lain, the lamb of God, Jesus."  "It’s about the time the archangel Gabriel appeared to him, explaining the seventy-weeks of years, the time table, like the Intrepid Dream Maasieah given Daniel’s people that they’re to make an end of sin.” “Some even say it’s the hours between noon and three O’ clock after noon, which Apache would then explain why I’m uncertain still whether the great crystal dove I witness descend from heaven." Whether it metamorphose from a noon sun or a three o clock sun but one thing is for certain now, it’s to present the great gathering of saints, if I’d never been certain before, now I know without a doubt, it’s the one other thing of this supreme Father’s grace that’s to be phenomenally astronomical.” “Did Sia Preece Alum bring word again of the two witnesses?” Causing the majority of them to turn and see who was it that described Desrek Alum to this manner, the use of this language. “I’m sorry Lord Sia, did I speak out of turn?” “No, no Spirit River, you did not, we’re simply not used to one another being described to this manner, but out of order no, simply divine faith one would say.” “Though sweet one to answer your question, word is conclusion is nearer than when the arch-angel Gabriel himself appeared as you said to bring us word again that the fulfillment of all things is upon us.” “Is what just happen Lord Sia the fulfillment of dreams both you and Sia Desrek, as Spirit River said, dreams of the church bride in you and him, of the testimonies of Jesus Christ for a final time this being the end, being under great persecution unto martyrdom?” If we have entered into the final analysis of out faith, then have we as well Lion Wolf Paw entered into the final analysis of our fate, that like our Christ Lord we’re to face and even undergo great peril, even as you say death until this Christ Lord himself take us away." "I you guys was standing over my stove lately, when the Holy One began speaking to me how soon, the church bride could be in heaven, looking down upon and praying for teh tribulation saints, as the anti-Christ is given power to overcome them, this my fellow siblings is how close we are."  "This is what dreams regarding bomb threat in seeming Jimmy Swaggrt churches, meaning Holy Ghost filled, inspired churches was all about, though is this also a sure sign the time of the marriage supper of the Lamb is gravely upon us.”     <<<”I’m sorry my wife, I gave you such a scare, just don’t do it again anytime soon, you know me, but I’ll try not too, laying all pranks aside Alum , do you realize how serious this was, or is?” “Why do you call me that?” “Excuse me?” Having busied herself keeping his room quite tidy, although so lovely she’d been very tranquil at the most horrid thing that’s to happen.” “That is your name, yeah, but it’s Desrek as well, ok, ok, the two witnesses, they Key referred to me as Lord or saint Alum. not one time did they call me Desrek, I call you Alum because I like it, really, and I know nothing Alum about these witnesses you keep making references to.” “It refers to the ancient witnesses of God, two of which was taken from the earth into the heaven, not seeing physical death, they’re the ones in the last days who will be appointed especially to Israel as witnesses to God, and as missionaries bearing the testimony of Christ Jesus that all of Israel repent.” “The two Olive Branches, they Key will have the same power as a Moses being appointed to a sinful Egypt, to close the sky that it rain not, to open the sky that it pour down, to turn water to blood, to use great powers of God against especially the anti-Christ, to not stop him, but hinder him for Key exactly a thousand two hundred and threescore days, this is three and a half years, the same time Key given the man of prediction.” “The man of prediction?” “The little horn, the anti-Christ, given exactly three and one half years to bring an end to kingdom building, the age of mankind, not by might Key, nor by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord, excuse me?” “That just came to me, it’s in the book of Zechariah, it’s about the two olive branches, which is believed to be the two witnesses, I can’t Key but realize it’s why the Christ Lord, thought it such an urgency that he ascend that the Holy Spirit then ascend that sinful man would or could past Key from condemned flesh to Holy Spirit, how amazing is that?” “There’s something about a Lord Urusalem as well, although it’s really indistinct, I Alum don’t understand it all and it’s amazing to me.” “I kind of told Kas I would have brunch with her, I hope that’s ok, it’s great, I feel guilty having you tied up in this room after me, you get some rest,” loaning him the sweetest, flesh stirring kiss, did Desrek Alum have a fine wife in Kiefer Bay he thought he lest of all deserved, “and you, you enjoy yourself.” “{{{Yes,” alerting the nurse’s station how he was anxious for news about being released to home, he felt really good, and was doing nothing there that he couldn’t do at home. “{{{How long before I can see the doctor, Dr. Mortensom, how long before she’s to come in?”}}} {{{“According to her schedule Mr. Aggart she won’t be in until this afternoon, I’m sure you’re first on her list, I know this isn’t room service, but could I have a snack, some fruit perhaps?”}}}.      <<<”When did she get this?” “The eve of Christmas,” looking a clear threat to Maaseiah’s well being, perhaps even her life, with the reality of what’s happen to Desrek Alum they had to take the threat serious. “So was this Tate guy T-KAMB?” “I’m afraid Nicholas he doesn’t have to be, the primary way they’ve eluded the authority is by recruiting any regular Joe ready to act out violently as they have here.” “Speaking of authorities, do we get them involved?” “Since they have by way of Desrek Alum shown violence, even deadly violence against this group, that Nicholas will legitimize the threat."  "I’ve never heard of an American T-KAMB, in France they’re very prevalent, I hope this isn’t more about Paris Globe than Desrek Alum, or even the Sia Juttah.” “I mean how do I Sioux from France protect her against this threat?” “How would you Nicholas here in the states protect her?” “I can’t, well I don’t Nicholas Edin want to seem out of line here,” feeling a concern Apache Arrow is to lean heavy on his shoulder trying to dissuade him from spilling his heart too unreservedly, knowing if Sioux Noel is to have a spiritual mate, if there is such a thing, Maasieah Adonai was it. “Though Maaseiah mean more to me than I could ever put into words and I’m a damn good writer, every day I have to trust Elohim that they’re going to keep her, and protect her." "So I guess I’m telling you, you’re just going to have to trust her, to their trust.” ‘That’s Sioux a stunning admission, I assure you, but knowing just down that hall Desrek Alum I assume that is just as important to the Supreme barely rose from his death bed, that Nicholas Edin may be so, though the miraculous here is that he rose.” ‘We Sioux better go, we have a five o’clock flight, and we have that little conference with Sia Alum, what does that mean, this Sia?” “It’s a Hebrew word Mr. Coogan meaning assembler, that the people are to be assembled unto the Septennial Juttah, meaning the marriage supper of the Lamb, that they’re, that we’re bidden there for this divine finale.”

The two Witnesses gen. 5:21-24, Mal. 4:5-6, Isa. 37:1,2, zech. 4th chapter Rev. 11:3-9

                                          And NO Man Could Learn that Song
                                                                    Scene XI

-“I can’t tell you guys how great it is,” as one surrounded by these seven brothers of mystery, as seen from heaven, these seven lamps of divine revelation, was the room bursting through with holiness and tranquility. “The doctor was here only seconds ago, if I continue to show great progress, I could be released in only a day or so, yes, that Sia Alum is good news.” “Please, what are your names again if you don’t mind?” “I’m Arise Sioux Noel, I’m Standing Apache Arrow, I’m Cheyenne Water Falls, I’m Marked Tree Hill, I’m Wounded Knee, Saber Tooth, I am Lion Wolf Paw, and I, I’m Medicine Bow Sign, then there is as well Bronze Cotton Field, he’s on a furlong/honeymoon in New Africa.” “I’m going to tell you all something I’ve not told anyone, I saw May, ah Maaseiah there, in heaven, or at least I think I saw her.” “The time of the two Olive Branches and the tribulation saints, bruised myrrh they are called in heaven, they’d all been caught up, into heaven, they were being herald for their great sacrifices.” “The divine one presenting them this amazing recompense was Maaseiah, only they’d given her a new name, they called her Lord Urusalem.” “Of course the Two Olive Branches and the Bruised Myrrh instead give her the praise when she instead give this praise to the Supreme Lamb, as He alone is worthy.” “It is, no, well it’s plainly obvious how you, all of you reverence Maaseiah, first there’s Christian Cros and Spirit River, how they count her this divine one, then there’s you Sioux and the others, how you treasure her beyond this planet.” “Something always eluded me, when John the beloved, of the book of revelation, when he witness the twenty-four elders there, did he see himself as one of them?” “Even if he Lord Alum did, like you regarding this mystery about Maaseiah, he possibly would not have known, yes, as at present Sioux/ Desrek Alum, we’re to know only in part, but a time draws near where we will know, and understand even as Elohim.” “So what is this thing I know about Maaseiah or think I know, if it’s anything to be known?” “Time Desrek Alum, as the holy ones give more and more clarity of what you saw and heard, time, we’re not to rush, but we have a flight in only two hours, well I yet can’t believe you came, but I understand you came for her, yes, but we as well brother Alum, came for you, for you to decide.” “We’re glad you return, we will no doubt see you again, our brother in the testimonies of the Lord Christ, be well, yeah, you guys as well.”     <<<”I’m just saying honey you can’t tell me not to take this threat serious when your own Desrek Alum barely survived this attack, are you saying you don’t feel the lest bit in danger.” “I have Christian Cros, I have Spirit River, when you are away Nicholas, I have Elohim, and my friends, my, I will do anything for you friends, yes, Nicholas, they would even lay down their lives for me.” “Though when it’s time for me to leave this place,” as one caressing this look of worry, lovely smooth skin along a piercing, assured look into his eyes, this stunner gentleman, loving her more than pure words could describe, “there will be nothing any of the beloved can do, but honor the Supreme’s Amazing Grace,” “Your death, an amazing grace?” “I don’t have this faith Tiffany, no but you should, it is Nicholas everything you must realize that, I know, I know,” showing himself this worry into a seat, had he and his brothers, as they’d lost their parents at a young age, they just didn’t have this manner of divine foundation in their lives, ever. ”Without it, it is impossible to please God, it is impossible Nicholas to even know him, for him to again re-establish a creator to creation relationship with us, it’s impossible, come home with me, help me pack, I’ll come home with you Mr. Coogan, I just don’t know how much packing we’ll get done, what you trying to say, that I bring you his way for false pretenses, now would I do that?” “Yes and I can’t wait.”      <<<”I say it again, there’s no way you’re to convince her to Hikes Peak, I May not have to, I may Spirit be able to get Mr. Coogan to do it for me, for us.” “Maybe it’s all just fear mongering, maybe there isn’t a threat against her at all, and just what Christian wouldn’t the Heavenly Host Do to protect her, their own Maaseiah?” “Yeah," as one standing in the waiting area, watching a departing Nicholas and Tiffany until they’re completely out of sight, thinking how incredible it was for this Nicholas Edin person to have a romantic relationship with this beyond amazing woman. “I’ve considered that, it is Spirit the one sure thing I have, this single blessed hope I have, that we all have, that I can sleep at night, that you can sleep at night.” “I’ve Christian thought of it a lot, our being more like brothers, than father and son, I suspect we’re to leave things this way, as long as we know the truth right?” “This is right, I know who and what you are, though you’re more my brother and my friend, and there is Spirit River no greater love.” “Wow it is pouring outside, and I am famished, I want to see him, this Desrek Alum who visited with the two witnesses before we as well depart, yeah the Supreme took something meant for evil, and crafted it into something extraordinarily extraterrestrial, so you coming, can that belly of yours wait?” “I suspect so yes, there’s no way Christian I’m to miss confessions of one’s visitation to heaven, to the paradise of God, the Apostle Paul called it.”      <<<“I see you and the babe are still here?” “Ah yes, I’m in no hurry to go off and worry away all alone, I just know Nick Cole is to drop me off and keep going, perhaps for days on end.” “I guess Saber I can say the same about you, I hear you guys are flight bound, yes, can’t wait, you ever been to France?” “Me”, touching her bosom into what Saber Tooth thought was a wondrous laughter, was he in spite of Medicine being so on target, he was in love with this one. “Ah god no, where would I get the funds, what would I do once I get there?” “I would be so lost and confused, the very idea terrifies me, or is that terrorize me, what’s the difference, right?” “Well now Nia Mckenzie know of the Paris Globe, and its various overseers, she know of one Saber-Tooth, and his many brothers, no doubt they would more than welcome her and son Camera.” “Let me get this straight, you’re asking me to France, to Paris, the most astonishing city in the world, mother with new born child?” “Well, I guess I’m just reminding you things have changed,” with a look of urgency glaring off in an alternate direction, was all his brothers out in the hospice driveway making for departing, and obviously wondering after him, brother number six “and you know, since we’ve met, that you can at the opportune time Nia McKenzie use this acquaintance to your benefit.” “How Saber so extremely well put,” Nia had long, soaring locks of shoulder length red hair, with flawless features, did she as well have obvious freckles, that when she talked she had the most inviting mouth, spoor, the kindest figure though she’d recently given birth, and Wounded Knee, Saber Tooth was sorely smitten therein. “Though I must be honest,” as one packing the infant bag, that since everyone else was leaving, she may as well leave too, had she capture the direct attention of this vision of beauty. “The thought of arriving alone somewhere other than New York, let alone France, Paris, I just don’t know.” Those lazy, alluring eyes of his alone, to die in, normally striking just below his shoulder, was his long, black mane fixed into a dainty pony tail, unveiling such detailed, splendid features of his own, especially his god dreamy eyes. “That’s just it Nia, I will be there for you, for Camera, and you wouldn’t be alone, never again, would you be alone, now?” As one passing off into a deep, suspicious swallow, this tall, fine vision of astonishing-ness was making her a proposal if she’d ever in her lifetime been made one, not only to her which was obvious, but to her son Camera Makhi, “that Saber tooth was clearly an invitation, I must go, think of these things, and when it is plain, and something you Nia much desire, you know how and where to find me yes?” “Yes, well be well, take care of that bundle of well wishes, and I hope to both talk to you and see you again soon, yes, hopefully, real soon."  "I’m here, what?” “I was standing right over there, you guys were in my sight all the time, wait, where’s Cheyenne?” “You’re worried about me, and Chey isn’t here, you better not let him hear you call him that, and he’s staying to assist Maaseiah with Dissuasion Press for a month or two.” How, who, well why wasn’t I asked?” “You, you’ve been crying about being here since before the Juttah Heir landed us, how soon Saber does one forget, yes Apache so clueless, that was before his eyes and heart felled on one so lovely as Nia.” “Nia?” “The one with child, the red one, with child and husband I thought, no, they’re barely acquainted, although I would much rather twist his neck, he is with much clarity regarding the situation, I am in love.” “In love?” “That is lovely brother what I said, in love, if that is so Saber why are you abandoning that you love?” “You mean Medicine why not take her against her will?” “You know that isn’t what Medicine meant, I wouldn’t be leaving if I thought there was no chance of seeing her again, I’m severely persuaded in this heart of mine, she will come to me and she will be my Juttah bride, I speak it, thus let it be done.” “Or Saber Tooth while we’re yet on US soil and an hour from the airport you could trade places with Cheyenne and stay aside her until her mind is made, wow Lion Wolf, excuse me, I like that idea much better, now all you have to do is persuade Cheyenne, you too the brother I love forget, Chey has a wife, I will let her persuade him for me. how clever wise one, how clever indeed."

                                         But The Hundred And Forty And Four Thousand
                                                                   Scene XII

-”It is evident Tiffany they treasure you more than I’m to understand, even if possible more than I,” having torn splendidly into one the other seeping, piping flesh and blood, the first time they’ve made one since the vows, had they just now settled into an encouraging mode of holding and caressing each other tight. “I kind of promised Christian I would talk to you,” getting undressed as they barely made it through the door, did they both have urgent blood seething with abnormal organisms at limits most profound, that biting each other, this licking and kissing each other all over and through. “That with this concerning threat not only Tiffany to you, but all who treasure you, I would convince you to come to his place for a time, to Hikes Peak.” As one at limits most profound tearing into her healthy bosom, those tingling with marvelous sensation nipples, that more than edible neck, ear, and her belly, that he’s to suck that navel of life, this aching as himself blood right into his throbbing self pleasuring and healing her so. “Nicholas,” equally with her bedazzling lover, this heighten, blistering urgency to bring him into her hot, sweltering walls of merrymaking sending him climbing the walls and she this profound hunter of climatic implosion dearly with him. “You can’t go around doing that, making those promises, I’m glad that you trust me, to this point, even Christian Cros, but I don’t know, I just don’t know.” “Then surely all I’m asking honey is that you think about it, just think about it, you know you’re talking about Hike’s Peak?” Finally wrestling and tussling themselves upon this marriage so flaming with fist hammering, and ankle pounding detonation what a scandal in her streaming blood beyond words this lover Nicholas Edin. “Just the thought of this drive alone, it’s miles upon miles of road, mountains and green valley, it’s all breath taking I know, but not one I want to adventure doing my every morning commute.” Speaking of taking ones breath away, that after loud, even somewhat embarrassing pants, cries and mourns, was there a time, a moment this single wife so momentous at intensifying and reinforcing herself into her husband Nicholas Edin so beloved at dying such a blood luring through every anxious ounce of him death, he stopped breathing, again thrashing the bed back into his lifeblood. “Come on Tiffany honey, I know what a genius you are, how creative, and Christian Cros place, again you and what you’re to do with Dissuasion Press, surely you can work right from Hikes’ Peaks, the water falls, the amazing lakes, mountains as you, you’re talking about unlimited benefits. “That was said Mr. Coogan with the slightest of Erica Lynn and Susan Faye stirred in,” turning her yet motivated places on at gripping his face like so, was it apparent they were both hinting toward that boisterous mood of crafty foreplay spilling the tumultuous lover she is into his powerfully delicious bosom. “I get the feeling I’m being conspired against,” again fitting her scrumptious self into this equally scrumptious man, were they soon a fireworks display of accompanying sustenance with mutual connection at again themselves afire.     <<<“I would think Saber its no matter to me what you decide, just do it quickly, we do have a flight gentlemen brothers I remind you we can’t miss.” “What is happening, I thought this was all decided?” “It would seem Cheyenne, Saber here instead have an even better reason to stay than you, a mother with child reason, will you stop describing her this way, her name is Nia McKenzie and I want to stay to get to know her better.” “Look you don’t have to pull my leg or any other parts of my body, though I cherish Maaseiah the states is the last place I want to be, ok, then, I’m out, you’re in, I’ll report straight to Maaseiah, you better, keep you out of trouble, you need to call Mar’mar Rumah, let her know you’re in the US for a time.” “Ok, ok, I know Apache why I’m here, you guys just put all my Christmas presents in nice size boxes and send them too me, don’t spend too much, I know it’s an abundance, yeah keep dreaming, keep in touch, yeah you guys as well.” “Hum,” turning around into a less busy waiting area, what was he thinking, this could all be a mistake, a really huge mistake. “Now what?” “I guess I can go sit with the man of the hour until Maaseiah is returned, or I could go and find Nia, let her know I’m staying after all, that just seem a bit pushy, I used to have that kind of habit, approaching him with a friendly hand shake toward him, was Saber Tooth blabbering to himself aloud.  "I’m Soledad Maurice, I’ve been meaning to introduce myself personally, I’m Desrek Alum brother, yes, so did you miss your flight?” “No, I’m going to be here, working with Maaseiah, ah I see, ah this is my wife Kassle Berlyn, hello and to you miss, if you want I can call, locate her for you.” “No, I wouldn’t want to interfere, I know, she went too see her husband off, husband?” “Maaseiah isn’t married, yes, she is, no she’s not, yes, guys, why don’t you two agree to disagree and let’s get something to eat, lunch was delicious, but that was hours ago, you’re most wise Preecest Kassle Berlyn, please lead us your way.”


                                               Which Were Redeemed From The Earth
                                                                Scene XIII

-“He really like you, but that’s possibly because he thinks you’re his dad, stop, he’s to young for that, does Camera know who I am?” “Yes, he can smell you and identify himself with you, that’s Nick Cole all I’m saying, you’re the only man he’s to know from the womb, well if you put it that way.” “ What is it?” “What?” “I ask you first, you been in like this pleasing, silly mode Nia since we got here, well, tis the season to be jolly, that’s what they say alright.” “Hey there little fellow, do you really think I’m your dad?” “Well I got something to tell you, Nick!” Don’t! “I wasn’t, I was just messing with you, you want something to drink, can I tell you what I really want?" "To use the shower, sure, go ahead, but I’m timing you.” “You is such a special baby, yes you are, such a special little boy, what do you think, you think we should give France a try, huh, huh, you think we should get ourselves to Paris, or that’s just too insane?” “Uh, is that a present under the tree?” “What do you think it is?” “I guess it’s for me, I wonder who it’s from and look at this, here’s a special pacifier for you, ah god its’a watch, my favorite color, ah a scented one.” “I’m coming,” fixing on her Christmas gift, a peach color, even for now scented watch, was there knocking at the door, and her wondering who besides Nick Cole even knew, who’s there?” “It me honey, it’s your mothers, mother?” “Whose at the door?” Opening the door just as a striking Nick Cole is to emerge wrapped in a bathrobe, along towel drying his hair, at being concern about the door. “I can’t believe you came, your father thought it was a good idea, you look so good, and you, and this?” “I’m Nick Cole, I, I’ll just get dressed, and this, is this my new grandson?” “Whose with you?” As one peeking from the window still, being this suspicious, hoping this wasn’t a kind of snatch and run, did she not put it passed them. “Whose that in the car with you?” “It’s papa, and Cam, Cam! Mother!” “I know, but it’s not what you think, we’re going to honor your wishes, but honey you can’t, well, you shouldn’t keep him from his son.” “My word Nia he is such a fine baby boy, so what did you name him?” “Camera, you mean like the picture Camera?” “Yes, and like his father, Cam for short, that is so creative, I never realize what a pretty name Camera would make, he’s coming Mother, he coming toward the house, Nick Cole, will you come in here please, take Cam to the back please, your wish young lady, is my command” “Nia?” “Mother, I know what I’m doing, hey, I got tired of waiting, what are you doing here?” Arms fold tight at halting him at the door, could she not believe her mother had betrayed her to this manner at thanking God Nick Cole was with them both. “You’re not going to let me in?” ”No, I will see you in court soon enough, we’ll plan visiting rights and all that then, come on Nia, at least let me see him, you stay right there, move and I’m calling the cops.” “This is Camera,” hastily bringing a bundled wrapped into a blue blanket, did she at least allow him in the door, so the babe wouldn’t get cold,“wow, Nia, he’s awesome, Mother, yes dear, please leave, I can’t have you both here, that’s fine, just call me, I will.” “Did you say Camera, yes, Cam for short, I know what you’re thinking, that we’re to force you against your will, but I been thinking Nia, that we can become a family instead, …whose this guy?” “This is Nick Cole, a very dear friend, and your time Cam is up, you said court, yea you should be receiving your papers as soon as Christmas break is over, it was nice Cam seeing you again, and you Nia as well, I’ll see you soon.” “I’m sorry Nia I came out in, no. don’t be, it was, your being here was perfect, believe me they came to take him, but your being here changed that, you really believe that?” “Will you help me pack?” “Calling her was a complete mistake,” obviously bringing tears into her eyes, even her voice was it evident she was breaking down at Nick Cole suddenly grabbing her, hugging her tight and kindly to encourage her. “Though she over played her hand having Cam with her, it’s about the money, they only care about the money, god I love her, and really miss her, but I just can’t trust her.”     <<<“I saw the Supreme, as this indescribable light that became as a hand for to touch the very temple, the forehead of the multitude that was before his throne, I can’t tell you Christian, Spirit, Saber, all I heard, only that I heard him commissioning them to be acquainted with his grieves and sorrows, how amazing is that?.” “Isn’t that Desrek like the Christ Lord forewarning how those who’re to come after him, are to deny themselves, pick up their cross and follow him, yeah, when you’ve done all to stand, stand therefore, that Saber tooth, and.” “Well remember the six slayers and the inkhorn man, the book of Ezekiel, how the inkhorn man was to only mark for life those overwrought in alike God, grieves and sorrows.” “That at His being long suffering toward mankind, not willing that any perish, again, they were the only ones out of masses of men, woman, children, leaders great and small the slayers weren’t to pity beginning at God’s sanctuary, these were to instead live.” “When you witness him touch their forehead what did you think?” “I saw it Saber as if he, the Supreme was to like place this final anointing upon them, but now Saber tooth I’m to remember, and you’re to remember this was a time tested door.” “ How the one hundred and forty thousand are to be marked either on their foreheads or their hands by this Supreme one, I guess they’re not alone, as these were the laborers unto the end time harvest, leaving the throne of God apostles, prophets, evangelist pastors and teachers.” “I’m to hear there’s someone in this room whose ready to go home, that Doc would be me, well I have some good news and some bad news, I’m releasing you, that’s the good news, the bad news is you only have like ten minutes before this room next occupant, thank you doc, thanks.” ”I’m going home, now if I can find that wife of mine, well we going to go, let you get yourself out and off, you are writing down things you saw and heard right?” “For sure, May wouldn’t have it any other way, well many blessings to you and to your wife, we’re glad you decided to rejoin us.” “ Remember what May says.” “She doesn’t want to trade one work place for another, as the heavens at present labor after end-time fulfillment, we want the marriage supper of the Lamb, where all such labor cease.” “Why so long a face, no it’s just that you’ve been blessed with such a miracle, so Sole, you’re saying you want to be shot to death so you can get into God’s throne and come back and tell us about it?” “Right, didn’t see that coming, so you want me to help you pack or find Kassle so she can then find Kiefer, so we can then be free of this place?” “Yes, all of the above, look I thought the tribe left, ah, Saber stayed, he’s to assist Maasieah Paris Globe latest affiliate Dissuasion Press, ah, wow, that’s going to be like getting a double dose of a divine revelation center.” “Well go, hurry, or I’m just going to leave this place walking and you Sole know I will, got ya, hey big bro, I’m glad you’re here, back with us, they really gave you a choice?” “Yes Sole, they, the Holy Spirits inconceivable really gave me a choice, and you know what?” “Standing here conversing with you Sole about it all, I’m glad I made the right choice, now tell those two to hurry, my house, my bed, my, my, wife, …got ya.”

...These Are They Which Were Not Defiled From The Earth, For Thy Are Virgins...
Scene XIV

-“So now what?” Having got them all packed into the auto, readying the ignition what would be there next destination? "Ah god Nick Cole I don’t know, it’s not that I don’t have a a lot of places to go, ok a few but they’re all associated with my mother, look we’ll just go back to Collin Hain place, yeah they’re just going to love that.”  "I know , I know, the first time there were these questions of what, who and why is this strange woman giving birth in my living room?” “We’re passed all that, now we’re acquainted, even in some cases friends, we’re not talking longevity here, well I’m convinced, it’s them, your sister and brother-in-law you’re to convince.” “By the way thanks for the watch, well I saw you didn’t have one, thank you for the bathrobe, well, I saw you didn’t have one of those, and how did you know peach was my favorite?” “I didn’t I just picked a girly color, what is it?” Seeing he’s to stare concurringly at his rearview mirror, was Nick Cole all but certain they were being followed. “What would you say if I told you I think we’re being followed?” “It’s either that or Nia, I’m becoming as paranoid as you, where Nick Cole is the paranoia?” “I was right about all of them, I saw the car they were driving it was a white, trimmed in gold Intrepid, I knew I should’ve got you to drive around before we left to make certain they left.” “The car in question is pulling up alone side of us, don’t look right away, but carefully veer their direction, if it’s them you think you can lose them?" "What I think Nia is I can drive us straight to the police station, there, there they are, hurry before the light change, no,” casting a kind smile toward the car to their passenger side was it a grave relief they weren’t of any concern of hers, or there’s for that matter.  “I don’t know them at all, see like I said paranoia, I rather, what is your last name by the way?” “What is your son’s last name?” Ah, well Mr. Freelance, I rather be paranoid, than unwise or even dead, dead?” “It can’t Nia be that serious, that diabolical, yeah, you go by what you think, and I’ll go by what I know, ok, how much?” “Because you are Nia talking about a baby selling ring, right, was this even the first time?” “God forgive me it wasn’t, how did you know Nia, huh? Having moderate smooth, dark skin, accented by low cut, soft waved hair, an astonishing smile, and physic, body, and a heart of kindness and love to die for, all set into lovely brown eyes. ”Know, that I would be the one, the best one, how did you know?” “Because after a while Nick Cole you get to know people, sometime the moment they open their mouth, you don’t realize it but I was on that flight with you, I sat only just behind you, I heard everything, and thus I knew.” “Please don’t be angry with me, I was desperate,” sniffing to wipe away the slightest tear getting down, around her nose, her mouth, even her neck, it was evident, and thus true she’d set Nick Cole up from the airport terminal, though what was also true is that it as well took some divine intervention. “I’m not angry at you, please don’t cry, you didn’t make me or force me to come to your aid, regardless of your plans I saw a woman in need and the rest is history.” “This Nia is where we are right now, we’re sitting in my sisters drive, don’t seem like they’re here, but I have a key, we will stay here and spend the next few days deciding what to do that is best not only for you but especially for Camera.”  “Now I know how wise you are, thus Nia you know, this decision making will possibly, we’re probably have to go to the authorities, yes,” once again witnessed as one getting at the slightest tears bombarding her nose, her gentle mouth, knowing what deeply disturbed her son, how she could for a time lose Camera, did they have some harsh decisions to make.      <<<”I take it May Mr. Coogan is gone?” “Only a few hours ago, well as I said on the communicator, Spirit has a question for you, and we’re off to Hike’s Peak, yeah I see this chapel of a meeting hall is completely abandoned.”  “There is Maaseiah all these mockerous questions about who is god, what is god, even who made god and just this morning I said to myself, well who does god say that He is? “Good question, I immediately Spirit think of the moment the God of Israel is persuading Moses the deliverer to get himself to Egypt at setting his people free.” “Soon Moses asked, well when the people inquire of me who sent me, whom do I say, and this Supreme Creation, soon to be dubbed Divine Delivererance simply said I am, that I am.” “Then he proved it, by overthrowing every known and worshipped god of Egypt and the then known world, proving once and for all he was the God of all gods, even Holy Spirits proved it.” “This then remind me of Jesus inquiring of the disciples, who do men say that I am, and to the disciples themselves who do you say that I am, and finally, the Disciple/Apostle Peter with the Holy Spirit speaking through him replied, ‘thou art the Christ, the son of the living God’, and right there we’re to realize the promise of the woman seed had been fulfilled.” “Now the cross that would prove this Christ, and bring an end to all evil, wickedness and rebellion making a public show of it all, nailing it all to his cross, and as if that wasn’t the final nail in Satan’s seat coffin, (worldwide religion, Mystery Babylon), he lead all captivity captived into heavens, unto the redeemed, the keys to the kingdom.” “Now Spirit River, it is the Church-bride bearing the testimonials of this Christ Lord even of heaven and earth to next, being persecuted, imprisoned, martyred all the living long day unto the ultimate glories of God’s throne, they’re this additional proof, the Supreme alone is Holy, Divine and worthy unto all acceptation."   "Man is only broken promises, God is proof.” “What is it?” Having eased in quietly as so others, not wanting to disturb the divine revelations spinning forth but did Soledad Maurice have urgent news. “Its Kiefer Bay, she’s missing, missing, what you mean missing?” “It mean May she’s nowhere to be found, you shouldn’t call her that, she is Maasieah, …what are you, it’s ok, Spirit, it’s ok.” “When the tribe was in yesterday to conference with Desrek about the things of heaven, she left citing she had a few errands to run, there’s been no trace of her sense, all May, Maasieah with her car left in the employee parking garage."  “I take it this Kiefer Bay is Desrek wife?” “Yes, assured she is, now if it wasn’t for that threat May, I mean it was Sioux Noel who described it as a threat against us all.” “Ok, I understand that Sole, all of it, but there could be many reasons, she could’ve left with friends, even taken a taxi not wanting to deal with the traffic, no calls May, no checking up on husband Desrek, it’s as if she dropped from the planet."  “Ah god Sole I hope not, not again, again?” “Yes, again, Felicity, Felicity, whose that?” We’ll pray, when all else seem lost, we pray, I’m sure this is not as it seem, so we stop leaning on our at limits imagination and fears and we pray."      <<<”All I’m saying Nick Cole is that I don’t feel right being here, seeing they don’t know, I’m trying ok, I’m sure I’ll locate them soon, or they’ll be here just as soon, in the mean time I ran you a really hot bath, you ran me, yes, I know while the babe sleep, you like to have one around this time, so go, just go and I’ll watch him and get in touch with Andre.” “Now let me see, Collin Hain know Soledad Maurice, Soledad Maurice, Tiffany Ann, Maasieah, and Tiffany Ann, Attorney at law Nicholas Coogan who should be able to give us legal advice.” “The Paris Globe,” as one soaking in a hot tub, researching the business card Saber Tooth gave her, did Nia McKenzie having a better than ever reason to get out of the states, contemplate France all the more. “Sioux Noel Deburk, President, Tristian Allen Deburk, hummm, someone has a regular name, really nice, V. P./publisher, reaching the minds, hearts and souls for the Kingdom of God.” “I wonder if I should tell Nick Cole, though if I keep this to myself, he won’t know where I’ve ran too, which would be a good thing, hummm, decisions, decisions.” “ Hey, I’m fixing hot chocolate want some?” “Yeah, sure, look don’t worry, I know just what to do, who to talk to, ok, …ok Nick Cole, thanks, he know just who to talk to, no doubt interpreted I could lose Cam, Cam in only a few days from now.” “I know he mean well, but he doesn’t know how deep the rabbit hole go, mom and dad could be locked up for life, I think things should stay as they are, and, I know, I’ll threaten them with what I know, they’ll kill me, and Cam, Cam will end up in their possession regardless, like I said, decsions, decisions.“     <<<“If Tiffany you don’t mind, who is this Felicity person?” “I’m afraid it’s another promise of your brother that he didn’t keep, I’ll tell you, though it should be him, but this conversation at this time, is not good.” “Felicity was Desrek’s Fiancé, ...his what?” “More than that Sole, they were only a few days from the wedding when doing a basic training exercise she felled and broke her neck, aw god please don’t tell me that, what’s even worse he faced this unthinkable tragedy Sole by dropping everything and coming here to face Corronda’s tragedy.” “ Well after he confided in me, we went back to Germany, to her parents, to make amends and leave this sweet jewel he’d purchase for Felicity alone, and to her gravesite to again make amends, as he’d not seen her since her, or faced this horror tearing his heart straight out since he’d bid her goodbye the morning of.” “All that is christ, how could he not tell me, us?” “I think in the beginning Sole he felt guilty that he’d made such permanent, personal plans without informing his immediate family.” “That in a way he was being punished, you know how grief is, you’re most of all convinced it’s your fault, that even God is punishing you.” “Though Sole you know why this is not a subject you can discuss with Him, yeah, man I just can’t believe all that was happening with him and he just laid it all aside for Ronda, anyway thanks for the prayer and the info, I better get out there and see what if anything can be done.” “I saw Maasieah how difficult that was, that you not only spoke from Desrek’s experience, but from your own, Spirit and I are going to go as well, if you change your mind about coming just do it, Mrs. Marty and I will love to have you.” “What are you thinking, or feeling about this missing person?” “While we were praying Maasieah, there was this empty, senseless, void I guess, like the hope we had was for nought, I hate to say this but I think the worse has happen, I know you Maasieah felt it as well, though we can’t be positive right?” “Right, you’re right, so I’ll call when I make up my mine, like Nicholas said working from Hikes Pikes can be very beneficial for Dissuasion Press, yeah, I’ve considered that, well hope to see you soon, be careful, yeah Maasieah you as well.”

 ...These Are They Which Follow The Lamb Whithersoever He Goes...

Scene XV

-“I was Sioux sitting at my desk the other day, my bible was turn to I Timothy the 3rd chapter, as I was working an article I glanced over and begin reading one of the most controversial scriptures in the bible.”  “The Apostle Paul is writing his son in the faith Timothy, he’s giving him advice about the woman’s place in the church, in the ministry of Jesus Christ.” “Then that specific verse, about how the woman ought not speak in the church, seeing he’s to raise eyebrows all around, did Lion Wolf Paw’s tribunal brothers stop what they were doing to hear what the spirit would say. “How he forbid the woman to speak or to usher up authority over the man, how the man was first created and then the woman, how the woman was first deceived and not the man.” “Immediately Sioux and I’ll be honest, I was confused, I thought how can Maasieah be any of the things she has mightily proven to be if what Paul is teaching here is correct?” “How a few years passed she was allowed in the pulpits, she shared that with us, when years later she’d been taken to God’s throne, shown great things in heaven.” “I even questioned why would God the Holy Spirit allow him to teach this way?” “Soon this apostle say something so amazing, and you know at this very moment he’s having a non-flesh, Holy Spirit moment, ‘yet she shall be saved in child bearing.” “So later that day as I was milling around the house, this blessed Holy One start dealing with me about this highly controversial verse, and he said, when the living word of God use the word save, it has at it’s root, the cross of Jesus Christ.” “This phenomena verse then mean Christ’s cross would one day be her justification, but not only that, the Holy Spirit then said, not only wouldn’t Christ’s cross discriminate, it can’t discriminate.” “As Sioux it is impossible for it to, as it would cease to be the one overall salvation for all of mankind , the Jew and the Greek, the bond the free, the male and the female.” ” This Sioux is why John described the immeasurable mass before God’s throne, those having their robes washed and made white by the blood of the lamb, as those of every nation, kingdom, tribe, tongue and people.” “It was then the Holy Spirit made me realize this wasn’t the Holy Spirit, but this was Paul speaking on his own, remember sometime Paul would go on his own and he would make it known when he was speaking of the Holy Spirit or speaking of his own.” “That’s astonishing Lion Wolf, a stunning revelation, but you see, this verse of scripture never would’ve become this controversial, that’s to cause untold error and sorrows, even for many death, if those ministering the word would rightly divide the word of God where all mankind is made free.” “If they the moment they read this verse of scripture had thought as you, hey something is wrong with this, if I believe, even worse if I teach this, then this mean the Cross of Jesus Christ has failed to set the woman as equally free.” “Those there was so much blame and thus hatred toward the woman, and this verse of scripture taken out of context was a perfect, most hatful validation for this malicious allegation.” “Though this was a struggle for the Apostle Paul, one that has caused a lot of controversy in the written word of God, but every time this spirit would rise in Him, the Holy Spirit would be right there, instead bringing divine clarity, there’s that scripture where he talk about the woman being from man, then he realize, the man is equally from the woman, then he realize both are from God, the three are one.” “Remember that article Maaseiah wrote years back, the one where she revealed how the man God created couldn’t exist beyond the first Adam if it wasn’t for the woman’s womb, how the original design, how the divine blueprint laid in her womb, how this article outraged so many supposedly righteous men of God?” “That is Lion Wolf why the danger for her is literally double than that toward us, so many of them wanted to hurt her and even kill her, for brining this astonishing truth, heck reality to light, this hatred grow the more liberty she display.”      <<< “Any news of reverend Amunga, yeah, he’s really concern, he said suddenly there’s this boom of foreigners moving in, he refuse to call them refugees but most of them actually are.” “All I can tell you Mmephas is its wreaking havoc on our supplies, all supplies, I will have to call Sioux soon and just last week he send us our monthly order, and so many sick, dehydrated and every one of them hungry, we need to move them all into the Juttah, into the land of plenty but reverend Amunga just refuse.” Ok, dear husband I love, when you say get them into the Juttah, I mean this is Africa, yeah Mmephas, but all of Africa isn’t the Juttah. “I mean I get his fears, most of the news coming out of the Juttah is concerning, people being taken by reapers ending up on that hill of hypercritical repercussions from which many don’t return.” “Neg’eb Ophel (O’tel) is Mmephas the one poof in the Juttah you can’t throw God’s righteousness back in his face, and it not be challenged instantly, you obey or you suffer accordingly.” “Of course people of these old, corrupting practices are all determined to learn these things the hard way, ending up on that hill.” “Albeit there is New Madagascar, and other alike African island nations, these are the renewed paradise without the threat of reapers, where free style abominations are allowed but yet at the risk of ones immortal soul.” Neg’eb Ophel (O’tel) what does it mean?” “Look, look whose awake,” pulling his shirt over his head into undressing, there was as one sticking his head up at standing from within the cradle, they guessed it wouldn’t be long before Bear Chase, Little Fox would be walking. “I’m going to get in the shower, it simply mean Dry Hill, sort of like Jeremiah’s Dry Bones I guess, anything it’s nothing to play with, but nothing of God is, right?”      <<<“There is bad word again out of the states, what else Lion Wolf is new?” “It surrounds her, Maaseiah, it would seem Desrek Alum wife, a Kiefer Bay is missing, missing?” Immediately getting all of their attention, the normally active conference room went totally silent, as they all contemplated what this news, even this threat meant? “How long, it would seem going on three days, ah god, Saber tooth believe it would be wise if more of the tribe, that’s what they call us, if we again come.” “That’s completely impossible where I’m concern, I’ll never go to the states again, ...but Maaseiah, …I can’t, why don’t you and Medicine go, well I can’t as well, I, what about Marked and Medicine, they’re the only ones without assignments at the moment.” “We will be in much prayer, although it is probably associated with the T-KAMB threat they made against us still prayer is yet in order.” “Was there any other, better news from Saber Tooth, only that he went to visit Mar ‘mar Rumah, said she didn’t want him to go, but neither did he want to leave, that Lion Wolf sound like home, that sound exactly like home.”

Rest, Rev. 14:13

...These Where Redeemed From Among Men...
Scene XVI

-“Going somewhere?”Ah god you scared the living crap out of me, lurking around spying and scaring people!” “You didn’t answer me, France I guess, one of the tribesmen asked me, the Saber guy right?” “How did you know?” Handing the baby off to him, that they’re to again get into the house, out of the cold, seeming her trip is off for now. “I saw him hanging around you and the babe, I mean if you’re going to go to him fine, but not while you’re running scare, but Nia when you know in your heart it’s the right thing to do.” “Look I been thinking, we do this your way, if they’re smart knowing what you know, just the hint Nia that they’re baby trading would begin this unwanted investigation, so let’s just say they’re smart.” “Goodnight, I, I love you, I know, just as so you know Nia I can’t, I can’t return that sentiment, I know, I know, that’s why you’re leaving.” “I found you and Camera somewhere perfect to go, a place where you can both live and work, Dissuasion has this program, yeah it sound perfect, just perfect.” “What’s going on?” Easily coming upon a weeping rather loud sister Andre, a loving, kind Collin Hain consoling her being this upset, was it apparent bad news was the blame. “That was Sole on the phone,” apparently out of hard, bitter swallow, “they found Desrek Alum wife, …and?” “And Cole she’s near death, ahh god, nearly feeling sick at stomach, was Nia McKenzie soon at his side, hearing this horrible news as well, “Sole was too emotional for words when he described how they found her, how they'd apparently left her for dead, that Cole in a way they tried to crucify her?” “Yeah, nailed hands and feet all, they said she'd nbeen like that at least three days, I think I’m going to be sick,” keeping up with him at rubbing his back into a seat, was sister Andre weeping along side of the bed still. “Ok, just tell me he, Desrek doesn’t know this, no, but how long are they to keep it from him a he being rushed to the hospital as we speak?” “Cole!” seeing he’s to spin up, run out, getting to the local bath, this sick, this volatile, in his heart, blood and stomach. “You need to dress, I can’t, I can’t move from this spot ever again, look at me, Drea, look at me, I know this is numbing, flesh and heart, but we can do this, we do this for Sole.” “I can’t stay here no more, I don’t want to be here anymore, I know that baby,” getting to her, caressing her breaking self into himself, their world had become one more heart break after another seeming continuously.” “That is why we don’t go a day babe without calling on him to come, to come swiftly with speed, getting us all the victory, is it ok that I come as well?" "I don’t want to be here alone, yeah, we, under, check on Cole, will you?” “Yes,” noticing what a stunning couple they were, were they, or did they have the kind of relationship she wanted, perhaps with Nick Cole, if he’s to ever have her. “Nick, Cole,” as one knocking rather slightly, Collin is, they’re, we’re off to Desrek, are you coming?” “Yeah,” splashing cold water on his face, along a look at his reflection in the mirror, he couldn’t but think how sorry Desrek Alum would be that he’d come back to this place at all, "just give me moment.”     <<<”If we don't hurry we may not have to go after all, unless it’s for bereavement reasons, so she’s gone, no, she just that close to being dead.” “Just think from day one for three days, left to the animals and elements with nailed hands and feets, this is all insane, why are we even here?” “I mean we keep saying it’s time to, to get ourselves under the cover of the Juttah, but we always, always find a reason to remain here."  "We know Lion Wolf it seem that way, but you of all people know timing is everything, I’ll go, I want to see Mar’mar Rumah, ...Marked Tree?” “Yeah I’ll go as well, you guys are going to have to watch out for one another, Apache?” Yeah, I’m ok, it’s just trying to imagine you, it’s as though, I know we don’t want to say it but it’s, …it’s as though Apache they thought she was Maaseiah, I mean why kill this girl in this way, unless Sioux it’s the way they plan to kill them all, all?” “All Juttah Preecest.” “You know what I can’t even begin to digest that right now, and hope to the Supreme Father we’re completely wrong about this, though I keep seeing this girl harmed this way, martyred Sioux this way.” “As much Apache as I hate to admit it, Lion Wolf is right, it’s time we get ourselves off, our procrastination could Apache cause many others to hang back when they should escape.” “I got his word last night, actually I heard a voice, say "verify escape," (that Sioux mean authenticate get away), this after we spent the evening contemplating this very thing.” “You know Apache what that mean to me?” “It mean as soon as Mark, Medicine and Saber Tooth are return we go, we start getting everything transferred, that will be your job, and we get out, it will Apache be the ultimate sign to our followers to do the same.” “I can’t believe it, we’re actually going, yeah, we’re actually going, there’s more, when I awaken this morning I knew without a shadow of doubt Sioux something catastrophic was about to happen.”

“Yeah I’ve been feeling the same, actually Apache more than that, I been forewarn something horrible is about to happen, that when it does, it will change people’s belief from the negative to the positive, I thought only the Christ official return could do that.” “Well here we are, what if, Ron, I mean Corronda, it’s, I’m Collin Hain, I know who you are,” moving into a gracious hug of him, how could she forget someone nearly a brother to them all?” “It is ok that I’m here?” “It’s more than ok, where’s Andre, ah the car, I’ll get her, Nick Cole came as well, you’re all welcome, they're not allowing her to see anyone but I feel the more the merrier.” “So have you told him?” "There, he’s signaling us to come, you two go ahead, I’ll bring Camera, you’re expecting?” “I’ll appreciate it Nia that nothing is said or hinted until I’m certain, I’m so nervous, this probably wasn’t a good idea, you’re fine, they’ll simply assume you belong to Nick Cole.” “This maybe a strange question, but having, how is Kassel taking all of this?” “I don’t know Hain man, she haven't said a word, even when she try all she does is cry, I know Hain it scared the living hell of her, just the fact Kiefer Bay was kidnapped, let alone the more than gory details of how she was, you  know, tortured.” “Hey you guys, Tif is here,” sticking her head in the door did they all believe that although Desrek Alum had refused to speak to any of them, that perhaps Tiffany Ann (Maaseiah) being in the waiting area

would change all of that. “We’ll be right here, anyway I’ve been trying but she’s not talking, I totally understand, there’s no telling who we’re to blame before this is over, even ourselves.” “It’s so crazy, I wish I could make it all not be so, spent most of the night in regret."  "I see Nick Cole is still acting father, god Sole don’t let him hear you say that, she’s ready and has made that known, then again she’s just a young lady in a questionable situation, so who or what can you trust?”

...And In Their Mouth was Found No Guile...
Scene XVII

-“I looked out and saw you,” seeing a sadden Desrek Alum is to swing back and forth on a ham moth, was there such the stunning, such the unfair day, scenery from the waiting backyard. “I was wondering, I May keep wondering about the things you said your mother said, about us, about all of mankind having to go through Africa (the curse earth) in order to get to Jerusalem,” (the New, Eternal). “ That she said this May because all time spent here, especially stealing, killing and destroying has all been with purpose to avoid the indelibly, going through Africa.” “That everything mankind call good is just a semblance of the heinous, monstrous avoidance, of cursing everything we touch, as mankind is cursed.” “The only thing then worth touching, worth having and receiving, the blessed Cross of Christ, the abandoned path to God’s eternal throne.” “At least Sole that’s something,” seeing how gently Desrek and Tiffany Ann are to sit hand in hand, talk, listen, at least he would pour out of his heart to the one they thought was the wisest, most revelational center on the planet, Maaseiah Adonai. “No Ronda, that there you’re seeing isn’t just something, it’s everything, I only wish we all could see and hear what is being said, that we’re then all to know, what to do with this greatest tragedy ever.” “That is why Sole man we let them have this one, because it is our greatest horror ever, show you right Collin man, show you right.” “So many people May have died unnecessarily, so many atrocities committed, all these genocidal wars trying to steer clear of this one truth that for all born here there is only Africa, and after that death and judgment with the exception of the anointed one, thus ye must be born again” “Trying to steer clear of this one truth, as you said that Derek, I automatically witnessed governor Pilate having taken hold of this Christ Lord according to the Jewish authority asking this phenomena person they’d ever known, what is truth?” “With what you here describing being this one single answer to that question, we’re born to Africa, and attempts of undoing it without God’s form of righteousness will only end in constant massacres of human lives.”  “That Desrek Alum at mankind persevering insurgence against God, we’re born into an active on every hand, genocide, our Christ about to ascend from heaven, how can we walk around so unprotected?” “It’s raining death and hell, put ye on the whole armor of God, he saving his life from the inevitable losing it for all eternity, though he abandoning this life for Christ sake gaining it Sia Maaseiah for evermore.” “I spend the last twenty-four hours and more May such the hypocrite wishing in places not even discovered yet how to undo this, how to bring my wife back.” “Then I’m to realize in ways so sweet and so extremely better, how my wife Kiefer Bay Aggart is in places I can’t even begin to imagine.” “I’m glad you said that, Nick Cole new friend, just before I discovered you, she shared with me how Desrek Alum she haven’t been able to shake it.” “How although she’s not a strong believer in spiritual things, but she’s getting there, fast, this is what she said, she said Desrek she keep getting these visions of Kiefer Bay, singing herself to sleep, huh?” Yeah, she says in the vision, it’s apparent something has gone horribly wrong but that she is at such a peace, she’s singing herself to sleep.” “You, she mean a deep, eternal sleep, that she’s singing herself to death, ah god May, that she’s singing herself to death, ‘rock of ages Desrek, cleft for me, ah god May,” leaping up, breaking out into a slew of teary sentiment, it was that song that would verify everything this friend of Nick Cole would say,. “Every morning May, and there’s no way you or anyone else could know this, every morning while Kiefer Bay readied herself off to work she would most of all break out singing that song, so much so I asked her why that song?” “And she said where she come from, an atheistic household, it was the only thing about Jesus or God she ever heard, her grandmar who wasn’t allowed to sing it in the house, song it on the front porch.” “ Only days ago May Kiefer asked me what did it all mean?” “And I told her, it’s asking Christ’s Cross to be your blood redemption, even your intercessory prayer, petition to God’s throne, she died, no, no, she fell asleep praising them, Elohim and inquiring their grace and forgiveness.” “I could tell Desrek she didn’t want to share it, that it was possibly the last thing you wanted to hear, which is why she shared it with me, so I could then, share it with you.” ‘Rock of Ages, Cleft For Me, Let Me Hide Myself In Thee, Let The Water and the Blood, from thou wound said which flow, rock of Ages Cleft For me, let me hide myself in thee.” “We may as wlel go in to her, persuade her, persuade her hat May, how, what?" "I terrorizd her an if that wasm't enough they rn nails through her and for three days left her for dead."  "You May, you can say your goodybyes here, I won’t be retuning home, I'm taking Kiefer and we're off to the Juttah, I will dispense with her cries no longer, that we’re to come out of the great whore of illusion, save ourselves and especially May our immortal souls.” “I’m to miss you so much,” soon enduring a hug around the neck that send DesrekAlum again into an a mixture of teary emotion at Maaseiah preciously laying her head into his bosom, remembering when Desrek Alum always had this powerful heart beat enough to visibly move his chest against her inquisitive ear/hearing. “Getting away Desrek from her that hath a name and the name shall be taken away, from her that hath clothes and the clothes shall be taken away, …exactly May, exactly.”     <<< ”He’s such a healthy boy, what is his name?” Camera, Camera Makhi, and your son?” Jjimon (JJ) Mekhi, ah, their middle names are similar, he is a fine one as well, so how long, -Nia, it’s Nia McKenzie, and if you’re speaking of Nick Cole, we only met just before Christmas, ah, so this isn’t his son?” “No, Cam, Cam is all mine, well many blessings to you and your lovely son, dinner should be served shortly, …you need some help?” “I used to worry my grand-mar in the kitchen a lot but that’s how I learn, …sure, I would love that, come.” “What is it Hain they’re to say about too many woman in the kitchen, I don’t know what they say Sole, but or now I hope it mean dinner will be served twice as fast, they’re still talking?” "Yet as though staring out that particular window looking out at Desrek Alum and Tiffany Ann conversing still, did it seem as though they would talk forever. “Desrek has spent the last couple of days packing, then suddenly yesterday I watched him unpack it all down to one satchel, his military, emergency grab bag, the only things in his possession when he arrived.” “So he’s not leaving?” “Ah Nick Cole he’s leaving, he just isn’t taking anything with him, what about the center, where would he even go?” “If you Colin Hain, knew the truth and had lost everything again, and had nothing else to lose, and despite how you call on death it just refuse, where would you go?” “And that my brother in the Christ Lord, isn’t a trick question I swear.”


...For They Are Without Fault Before The Throne Of God...

-“What?” Inhaling into a thick ingestion at bringing himself awake had Nick Cole fallen fast sleep with baby Camera nestled just as asleep in his warm, crisp breast, “you’re taking this baby/father thing seriously aren’t you, I’m not the father, and he was crying I simply fell asleep consoling him." "You best take notes, this will be you and Andre soon enough, dinner is served, Corronda want everyone to the dining area little babies and all, alright, alright, I’m coming, you better, Desrek is joining us, really, I guess he and Maaseiah had a really good talk after all .” “It really does smell good, smell, you ought to see the table, seem to be fit for kings, the Christmas dinner that never happen, that’s what she’s calling it,” “Although I know something not even of our imagination horrible has happen, I’m yet grateful that we’re together despite these terrible circumstances, you guys may as well know, I’m calling this present, the Christmas Dinner that was once lost but now found, Desrek always lead us in prayer, though today I’m going to ask, "hummm, more guess," halted by the door bell, other people moving in, did Collin Hain raise forthwith, wondering as they all were who else was about to join the dinner party?” “Collin, Kassel,” it was Kassel Berlyn, and an unfamiliar older lady, her mother perhaps, as so with her was two more members of the tribe, Marked Tree and Medicine Bow Sign.” “If you’re here I only presume, yes, Soledad is here, they’re all here, please you’re welcome, come in, we were about to have dinner, dinner we, you’re not, this Hain is my mom, Doris, it’s a pleasure madam, well all are welcome of course, Dex?” Yes, I’ll find more seats, …for those who don’t know, these are Saber’s brothers Marked and Medicine, I’m Kassle Berlyn. Soledad’s wife, and this is my mother Doris, it is a pleasure to meet everyone, good, I’m sure we feel the same, now that everyone is sitting, Tiffany Ann, was about to lead us in prayer.” “Well instead of a prayer, for many days I’ve been reminded of a word of knowledge, or a voice simply lamenting, about a table, a sixty-by forty table, and an additional voice lamenting, EAT! This then can only make reference to the prayers, the Lord is my shepherd, the words, he prepares a table for me, for us in the presence of our enemies, because both regretfully and thankfully that is what this is, nothing but divine intervention could’ve placed us, all of us at this dinner table, at this time, so we should all honor what is happening here by praying this amazing prayer together….”The Lord Is My Shepherd, I Shall Not Want…     <<<”It seem like he get bigger everyday, that’s honey because you seldom see him, I guess,” sitting into a seat this melancholy at removing his shoes, undoing his tie, making themselves comfortable, did they have urgent decisions to make. “Did you think about what I asked you?” “How could I Lion not think about it, it’s a huge decision?” “It’s not Haley something we haven’t considered since before we married, right?” “We knew this day was coming, and we’ll be safe, Battle Chase will be safe?” “The same divine Spirits Haley watching over us now, there protection won’t be limited because we’re in Africa, but to remain here, taking unnecessary chances, surely we’re not to tempt the Lord our God.” “My work, my classes, Haley please, we knew this was all temporary, that it would be unwise to make permanent plans here, …how soon?” “Don’t be alarmed, but a few days, a few, please tell me you’re kidding, I’m not, they want us ready to go by Friday, that don’t make sense, we’re talking about the Juttah, you pack a few personals that’s it, it’s Haley to supply all our others needs.” “You said you would call Mmephis, I did …and?” “And she said it’s all different, but in a really good way, that all the people are great and very welcoming, nothing like she feared, or imagine when she imagined the worst.” “I’m sorry I’ve given you such a short notice, but we’ll be fine, just fine, I’ll have your plate ready by the time you shower, thanks, you read my mind, I’m truly famished.” “I wouldn’t be honest Haley if I didn’t confess how I’m just as intimidated by these events as you, but I know this is the finality of our faith walk, I just know it.” <<<”It is nice to see you again, and you Saber as well, so will you be returning with your brothers, I guess I’m trying to determined whether what happen changed your plans?” “My brother Marked and I were discussing that very thing, how we’ll probably be in the Juttah soon, I can’t tell you how frightening that sound, I cried Saber when I had to leave my neighborhood, well I wouldn’t be sincere if I said it isn’t a bit heart and mind daunting, but what major decision Nia isn’t, right?” “I would love it Nia if you and Camera joined me, you wouldn’t want for anything ever again,” thinking that was one thing even as this astonishing male made this statement, one by the name of Nick Cole, and if it wasn’t for his undying love for this other one.” “You better come, Mar’mar Rumah is on the communicator and she’s asking for you, it was nice Nia both seeing and talking to you again, and Saber you, think on things I said, even asked, yes I promise, I will.” “ I know, you think I’m wasting my time, what Saber, you’re reading minds now?” “She’s a wonderful person, and she’s beautiful too, why wouldn’t you be attracted to her?” “How did you ever get Rumah on the communicator?” “Mar’ mar, yes, it’s me, it’s Saber, no I had every plan to come to you it’s that I’ve been so busy, no not so busy I can’t come to you, yes he does seem all ground up, he look it as well, no, no, I’ll be there as well, by, yes, by noon tomorrow, yes Mar'mar, you as well, see you soon.” “You guys know that isn’t a good sign right, Mar’mar Rumah don’t change tradition unless it’s urgent, and what Saber does that mean?” “It mean marked we get to her, we get to her as soon as possible, you think she’s at the verge of crossing over?” “It’s all over your face, only Medicine that it’s possible, and if so, I want to be there, at her side, so she won’t have to do this alone, look you two go ahead, I’ll grab Nia and the babe and we’re right behind you, you’re that certain, of this single woman?” “I am Medicine this certain, now go, explain to Mar’mar what is happening, that I’m right on your heels, ok, ok, you’re hardly wrong, you better get to us just as soon, you know I will.” “I’m leaving,” as one easing into a seat along side Nick Cole yet enjoying Camera’s company, had she as Saber Tooth predicted made up her mind, she would go, make a trial of it all, it was her freedom to do so, to even return if she wanted too. “I can’t believe you finally got tired, you can take the car and I’ll, no, no Cole, I’m leaving this place, I’m going with him, with Saber, are you sure, you do know what he’s asking you, to be his wife, his mate even?” “I know all of the above, I ‘m going to go and first make a trial of it all, it’ll be good for one like myself, and for the babe.” “I didn’t tell you but the Paris Globe and I have been pen pals for many years, so it isn’t like we’re complete strangers, it’s more Cole like it’s all meant to be, you know, well regardless I’m to do what’s best for Cam and I, so this is goodbye.”

“Right here Nia, right now?” ”Yes, that as abruptly Nick Cole as we meet we part ways, I think we’ve accomplished all we were meant to, now kiss him goodbye, while I say farewell to the others.” “You sure about this?” Grabbing her arm like so, as so her attention, those glistening green eyes, that fire red hair, and pale, lightly freckled face, “no, of course not, but how sure Cole are we about anything which is why we’re encouraged not to walk by sight but by faith, the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen, remember when you quoted that me?” “As you see Cole, I never, ever forgot it, and I never will forget it, …you just gonna let her leave?” “You heard her Colin man, it is what she think is best, just as I feel getting back to Aleria is best, ok, ok, you’re right, you’re so good with her son, I guess that is the match seeming made in heaven I saw.”

Sioux Noel, Apache Arrow, Lion wolf Paw, Raging Cheyenne Falls, Saber Tooth Wooded Knee, Marked Tree Hill, Medicine Bow Sign

...And I saw Another Angel Fly In The Midst Of Heaven...
Scene XIX

-“So you’re saying today my Kiefer is in God’s heaven?” “I’m saying according to biblical scripture yes, her flesh will be resended back to the earth from whence it come, the spirit to God, and the immortal soul to one of the many mansions in heaven awaiting the first resurrection that it’s to be rejoined into or along its original body now glorified, now immortal and incorruptible.” “I know these things don’t make sense to a non-believer, but for us, we’re commissioned to believe and therein lies the power, glory, and honor forever, so you’re saying there’s a chance I will see my daughter again, yes, but as in the resurrection, as you Mother believe.” “My mother always believed, but I watched her suffer so horribly in that belief until all of mine was turn to hatred, so much so I put her in a home so her faith couldn’t affect my three daughters, and just as soon I taught them there was no God, I think I did a grave injustice to them, but some kind of way they found him still.” “A lot of people Mrs. Coledelay mistake trials for God’s abandonment when in all actually Holy Spirit are their closest the more peril we find ourselves, like right here at present.” “Although we can little see them, believing by faith, we’re at this moment surrounded on every hand by their presence, mightily so.” “You all, all of you have such faith, such knowledge and wisdom, I see why Kassel’s compre-hension neighboring such things has soared, in the beginning I hated that they’d found you, all of you.” “Though that’s because I was so envious, but now, now I know it was all for the good, …the good of righteousness you mean, yes, for sure Kassle baby.” “I have something to tell you Mr. Aggart, something I never divulged to either Kassle or Kiefer, you have another sister, a twin sister, twin, Momma?”

“Yes. A twin, not to you but Kiefer, ah my god you mean Tae, yes, Taelyn Fortress, Tae for short, I have to explain this as she will be at the services tomorrow, so there won’t be any confusion. “Why, why have you kept this from us, kept her from us all this time?” “She wouldn’t listen, she was your grandmother’s child, and no matter what we tried she, it was like it was born in her, in her heart, her blood and nothing we did or said mattered.” “So we gave her permission to live with your aunt, your father and I welcomed it, you were so little , so young you soon forgot she was your sister and accepted her as your cousin.” “Ahhh momma, this is so crazy, I know, and I’m sorry, I don’t know if I’m looking at this right, but Fortress lost her husband to a construction accident recently, felled, broke his back and his neck, killed instantly.” “Kassle can tell you she’s a really special girl. momma Kiefer isn’t even you know, I’m going to be excused, I want to thank all of you for your condolences, May I been intended to ask you, will you sing tomorrow, we shall behold him, Sandy Patty style, you sing too?” “No one Kassle know it, but May family is a singing family, her brothers are world renown, the Keystone Brothers, so will you sing, yes, yes Desrek , I’ll be glad to.” “It was nice Mrs. Coldelay meeting you, I hope you learn to trust the Christ lord so you will one day without doubt to reunited with your lovely daughter, my wife, Kiefer Bay, who was so good to me, such a stunner wife, it was as well great my son, to finally meet you.”

<<<”We’re go to visit Mar’mar Rumah first, then to France, then the African Juttah, why me?” “I think Nia I felled in love with White Girl the moment I read the first paragraph, and that was what, five years ago, so when you revealed, how that was you, well lets just say we don’t believe in coincidences.” “Just like that you’re certain I’m the one?” “You are more beautiful Nia than I’m to imagined ever, you’re more kind, willing, loving, you’re to know and to grow, and most of all you’re deeply trusting, …deeply trusting?” “You’re here with me, a man you hardly know, don’t you mean Wounded Knee a man I’ve been known for at least five years, you remember my pen pal name.” “I kind of heard you tell your friend Nick Cole how this is all a trial, I thought that was very mature of you, that is exactly what it is, and you held your own when you described it this way.” “May I ask about the babe, about Camera’s father?” “I expect you too, his name is Cam Lawson, the way we came to have a child isn’t so stylish, even lawful , I’d went along with it for three pregnancies, but this time, this time I said no, this time I wanted to raise my son as my own, so if you’re wondering whether we’re to have a problem, we won’t.” “So tell me about Mar’mar Rumah, she’s everything to us, to the tribe you guys have come to call us, we wouldn’t be who we are, even where we are without her, are you, ah, there are no sisters, or they’re not allowed?” “No sisters, and yes, they’re allow, Mar’mar Rumah come from a long line of female oracles, the most influential of our tribes, it’s Nia a good way to understand our relationship with Maaseiah, we simply Nia would not be without them, imagine this world without the woman seed.” “I never Saber heard anyone teach spiritual things like this Maaseiah as you call her, believe us no one has, Maaeiah was called into the Christ Lord Ministry, by the Christ Lord himself, by him like in the biblical days Nia appearing to her, summoning her to follow, opening up biblical mysteries to her by revelations that leave us all astonished.” “She could tell you things they’ve shown her, things, only biblical apostles, and prophets themselves have seen and heard, it is all a reminder, like this indescribable assurance the Supreme Father is, and that he’s the same today, yesterday and forever, and with Maaseiah, it’s not that the Christ is coming, but Nia like he’s already here just waiting with us until all end time prophecy unto his millennial reign is all fulfilled.”

...Having The Everlasting Gospel To Preach Unto Them...

Scene XIX

-”Thank you Kassle for bringing me there, they are incredible, it’s understandable why the character of the gospel Nicodemus was so impressed with the gospel character Jesus, …mom,” driving her mom to their place, Kassel Berlyn wasn’t so sure about bringing her among their friends, now thinking it’d all been a good decision. “They’re more than just characters in a book, it’s real, it’s all as real today as in the beginning, because mom it’s all Holy Spirit.” “It is amazing how much you’ve grown honey in such a short space, that’s again mom, because it’s Holy Spirit, he can by all things preventing our comprehension write God’s word in our heart, mind and souls and activate all like so.” “If only your Grandmother could hear you, well mom I can tell you’ve been reading your bible, yeah, I promised Kiefer I would, I’ve been hiding it from your dad, I shutter to think what he’s to do Berlyn if he find out.” “You may as well mother find a way to tell him, you guys read books all the time, it shouldn’t matter to him that you’ve chosen to read the bible.” “Which remind me, did you know the bible is the most shop lifted book of them all?” “All be serious, I’m serious, the one book Berlyn encouraging us not to steal, I never considered that, it is also said a bible is purchased like every ten minutes or so, so mom you’re not alone.” “He’s a wonderful boy, I know I was completely against him, and these supposedly Juttah vows, but it’s so spiritual, so heart and soul uplifting, they are Key, human being I guess.” “So do I Berlyn completely overlook the fact you’re in danger, that the rest of you are in danger?” “I can’t go through this again, …mom, what does Taelyn know?” “Fortress know, she know who she is, your aunt and uncle insisted she know, she is taking Kiefer’s death really, hard, if it’s ok mom, I’m going to name my first born, male or female, Kiefer, yes, wiping her leaking nostril, seeing a beautiful Kassle Berlyn is to wipe as well, was she with much hope, Kiefer name would be transferred as so. “I hoped you would do that, it is such a stunning name, only mother I was thinking if a boy Kiefer Calvary instead, and if a girl, Kiefer Bay of course, …is my baby daughter trying to tell me she is with child?” “Well, I, well, ok, I haven’t told Soledad as yet, I was going to tell him the day Kiefer came up missing, so yes, I’m pregnant, nearly three months worth, but momma no one can know that before I tell him, I’m waiting until after the memorial services which is going to be insane mother, just insane, …what about papa, is he going to be there, it’s in a church, there’ll be talk of God and Jesus, so no honey, he won’t be there.” <<<”Look at this one, they tell me, he’s to come, but not to believe, and this lovely, with child, this Mar’mar is Nia, and her son Camera, they’re very dear to me, yes, dear, deer across the lake.” “You better write that down, write what down?” “Deer Across The Lake, she, Mar’mar just named our first child, okkkk, that’s sort of strange, it’s what she saw when she looked into your eyes, your soul,” “This is not to scare, but there is a lingering dark one, a grim, reaper, this is why we pray, no weapon form against you is to prosper, Bridge Over Water, excuse me?” “That was just something else she saw, just be patience with her, I will take the babe now, …it’s ok, she will anoint him, that it be well throughout him, that he’s found worthy Nia to escape.” “May I be excused to the restroom, if it can wait she want to anoint you as well, it is something she has done for us all, it s what and who we are.” “You think she knew?” “It would appear so Medicine, it has been about her since we cleared the door, you know what that mean?” “It mean Saber Tooth is right on the mark with her, even the babe, which is why he’s been crazy about her from day one, tell me you feel as apprehensive as me about the Juttah as me, it’s like another world Medicine so yes, I think that’s human.” “You do know, this mean the millennium reign is like right around the corner, I can’t Marked but be reminded, you remember when we where going to aunt Bests house, a 4th of July gathering, it was around 2007?” “I can’t remember what the conversation was about, but Sioux said and I quote, that’s because, we should’ve been in the millennium by now, that mankind’s kingdom had some how spilled into Christ’s reign, yes I do remember something like that, it wasn’t like he was guessing, it was like he knew, like he completely knew, it was Lion like the Holy Spirit spoke through him.” “Mar’mar want to see you guys, so you was right about her, about Nia we see, yes, I knew you guys I was, I only need her to realize the same thing, ah she will, we’re yet to find Rumah wrong about anything?” <<<“So you’re all packed and ready to go?” “If I’d May stayed dead, will Kiefer be alive?” ”You know I had to ask, …we’re talking about T-KAMB, what evidence is there May this was T-KAMB, …the way she died, what you mean the way she died, what do you know May about the way Kiefer died?” “Well Desrek what do you know?” “Is it May so terrible, …May?” “Nick Cole friend said she song herself into a deep sleep, that is all I know, who all May know better than me how she died?” “Let me get Soledad, May!” “Please, ok, let me get him, ok?” “Ok, as long as I know, as you guys know, Sole, May was about to tell me what happen to my wife, how she died, even why you guys are so certain it was T-KAMB.” “Kiefer was killed, or Dresrek man she died as she bled to death, as he succumbed to the elements, as he succumbed, as she bled to death, what the hell is that?” “They ran nails through her hands and feet, and they feed her blood thinner, it took all of three days for her to die.” “O my God, she had to be horrified, she had to be convinced we would find her, come to her rescue, -what, that isn’t all?” “I told Kassel I would get to her as soon as possible, I’ll see you two tomorrow, don’t be angry with him ,or me for that matter, you wouldn’t speak to us remember?” “I could tell there was more, something he wasn’t, they cut her, to induce her death, they cut her, cut her how, where?” “Desrek, if you know May I want to know, please!” With tears spinning along extraordinary facial features, tan, baby smooth skin, such a flawless, flawless presence, did Desrek Alum know this was totally impossible for her, of course, for them all. “Ah they cut her, open, from her breast, down, it was a very gruesome, ah, it was so heartless, they did to her what they desire to do to the testimonies Desrek across this earth of our Christ Lord, but you have to remember both what Nia, told you, and what we told Kiefer’s mom, getting through Africa, to get to Lord Urusalem (New Jerusalem), …is that all?” May, …May my god look at me, was that all?” “No, Kiefer was pregnant, nearly four months, it was a boy, I’m so sorry Desrek,” a witness of how he’s to stand to his feet this overwrought with grief, did she not want him to learn of this added horror by rumors alone. “Good evening May, and you Desrek as well, will you be staying the night?” “I know Ron would love it if you did, and I May wouldn’t feel so alone knowing you’re here, yes, yes I’ll stay the night, good, then I’ll see you for breakfast, I love you, and I May you.”

...Who Dwell On The Earth, And To Every Nation...

Scene XX

-“We’re here,” waking a slumbering Nia Mckenzie, Paris Air had arrived them safely to their designation, this Nia thought is where the trial would truly begin. “We’re only here for a few days and into the Juttah we go, all of you, the entire tribe?” “Not in the beginning,” grabbing a couple of bags, was Nia casting a curious awareness along this huge, impressive air terminal, yet in shock that she was actually in France, had she seen nothing like it. “The elder tribe as you say, Sioux and Apache will be here until the Paris Globe is successfully relocated, not to worry, Dissuasion Press as I speak, will be a beneficial affiliation here, and working side by side with Maaseiah, well this move, actually Nia everything that has happen the two weeks takes precedence over that.” “Don’t look so cheerless, as the Christ explained these most dangerous, deadly times of all, these are things Nia that must come to pass, only now, the end is at hand.” “So I’m right now passing through Paris, on my way to New Ethiopia Africa, the African Juttah, unto the Septennial, which is actuality the marriage supper of the Lamb Christ, and heir ship to the paradise of God.” “The Septennial, to the heir-ship, to the paradise of God only Nia as and when you believe, and is thus transformed from flesh to Holy Spirit, and this is all actually happening?” “The Paris Globe, your destination, thank you sir, have a blessed day, you Mr. De’Burk as well, you guys, all of you, keep up the great work, it is nice madam, meeting you, and such a fine little one as well.”

“This entire building is the Paris Globe?” Looking up and all around for miles of floors, was Nia so far totally overwhelmed heart, mind and soul at what she was seeing, even hearing, it was all so spectacular. “No, just the top seven floors, it’s a family business right?” “Well who started it, how far back, early eighteenth century, great grand uncle Rudolph Eddington, of the first American Indians to seek out asylum here from the early American Indian massacres.” “The white girl is here?” “You better not Lion let her hear you say that, what about Marked, Medicine?” “They’ll be leaving right after services tomorrow, and when I Lion say white girl, I’m making reference to about five years ago, this writer, who called herself the white girl, the one whose pretend world was white, but real world, the one kept from her on every hand, was multicultural.” “How, in the world, and you found her?” “No, she end up at the hospital with one of Desrek Alum acquaintances, I liked at first glance, I don’t know, but the connection was all there, and we got to talking and she revealed how’d she’d written the Globe, and why and I knew, instantly I knew.” “That’s only one thing Saber, you have this girl here in France, making ready to enter into the Juttah, tell us about that, there’s nothing to tell, I asked her, she said yes.” “Ah, as simple as that, Mar’Mar anointed them both, and named our next two off spring, you took her to the Rumah, the Rumah Apache asked us there, and once we arrived, we all knew why, Nia and her son Camera, doesn’t that authenticate it all?” “We better get back to work, I told Sura I would be home in time for dinner and a play, it’s been a long time you guys, and I’m tired of disappointing her, you know.” “I haven’t said nothing but I could lose her, I could lose Sura Danielle, you all know what I went through to get her, to persuade her, you could Apache but you won’t, not even the gates of hell will prevail against what you guys have.” “I need you soon to be husband and father to get on the communicator with your brother Cotton, and get this all set up, who, what, where, and how soon you guys can get there.” “We’re traveling Juttah Heir or what?” “That Saber Tooth, Wounded Knee is why I need you conversing with your brother and now, right now, ok, ok, I’m going, look why don’t you just go, surprise your wife, spend some time before you spend some.?” “There are five of us here Apache, I’m sure we can do this without you, he’s right Apache, and so reading my mind, so just go, go, get out of here and tell Sura how much we love her and miss seeing her, she used come here daily, now nothing, ask her why did she abandon us so?” “Ok, I’ll see you guys bright and early the morning of.” <<<”I’m pregnant,” a witness how Soledad Maurice is to be a deep sadness, peeping into a raining, stormy dawn, after days of wondering how, when to tell him, now a perfect time. “Excuse me, …I wasn’t going to tell you until after the services, …we’re going to have a child?” “Yes, I found out the day Kiefer vanished, and as I said, I was going to tell you sometime today, later, my god Kas,” coming into a welcoming tight hold of her hand, “my god in heaven, I’d explained to mother earlier how if, or when we conceive, I would like to named him or her Kiefer, I hope that’s ok with you, that’s fine, but I don’t Kas want to Jinx this by naming him or her already, Jinx, since when Sole do we believe in such foolishness?” “You’re right, of course you’re right, this horror that has us all so twisted, the surprise I had for you in Jamaica was a new place to live, I was going to convince you to move there, that we work and raise a family there, but now, now Kas I want our first child to be born in the Juttah, …excuse me?” “I, it, I’d not planned this the supreme as this witness, but as soon as you revealed the pregnancy, I knew, I knew in order for this child to have a chance, for us Kas, this marriage to have a chance, we can’t stay here.” “My everything is here, no, that is not the truth Kas,” flying urgently into her, along a seat to her, his hand pressed against her heart, as he knew his stunner wife Kassle Berlyn was so mistaking. “No Kas, your everything is here, just as my everything is here, in our heart, that only if and when we remind faithful therein the Christ Lord as head, are we utterly fulfilled, and thus unmovable.” “This Kas is why most of us, the Supreme is to award us the desires of our heart, for where a man treasures are, there is also his heart.” “I need it to be this way, and there is no other way Kas I need it to be, …ok, ok, you’re right, this is what and why it exist, right, to bring us to heighten spiritual places inconceivable and soon the Millennium Reign, right?” “Ah god, what is happening to me?””I’, here with you,” laying her forward so passionately into his at calming him, at consoling him, them both, for the first time since she’d meet him Soledad was frighten, and that fear completely destabilized and disabled him and even changed him. “Whatever you think is best, we’ll get our business settled here, and be off to Africa just as soon, off to Africa, you make it sound so easy, you and I together Sole, that’s the easy part, Right?” “I feel her, I feel Kiefer being so proud of me, of us for this decision, does that make sense?” “I feel her like she’s fusing through my blood, my heart with her agreement, it’s both glorious and intimidating, that’s assurance babe, that’s a blessed assurance.”

...And Kindred, And Tongue And People...

Scene XXI

-“This is where you., well we will live until our plight into Africa, this is your room, and my room Nia about two doors down to the right.” “Am I putting someone out?” No, we all have our own resident, everyone except myself, Sioux and Medicine Nia are married, two of them with children, Marked and Bronze, so we’re pretty much settled.” “So when Cheyenne was to assist Maaseiah, yes he would’ve brought his family to the US, but like I said, all that is in the air, T-KAMB has shown itself more deadly than any imagining.” “They’re yet threatening, so, I hope you and the babe are comfortable, you’re welcome to whatever, I want you Nia to feel completely at home and you can call me if there’s something you need.” “I’m going to go, and I’ll be back in, I don’t know four, five hours, please, it will help me mightily if you completely make yourself at home, ok, I will, good, see you later then, yes, later.” “Could I, if I want to call someone and keep my location con-cealed, is there a way to do that?” “You can call anywhere from this location and no one will know unless you want them to, …your mom?” “Right, I mean she has made her-self into this monster, this monster mom but she’s still my mom, you don’t have to explain, I understand completely, no let me,” hearing the baby cry, that perhaps he’s hungry, wet, or just want company, was Saber Tooth more than anxious to make himself available to this little one. “Hello Mother, it’s me, it’s Nia, I promised I would call you and I’m returning that call, I can’t talk long, I just wanted, well I needed to hear your voice and tell you that no matter what, I love you, I love you so much.”’You got to stop this, it’s wrong and it’s dangerous and it’s just not right, I have two children out there and I don’t know if they’re dead or alive, whether they’re in good homes or not, do you know how that make me feel?” “I know, but this is why I couldn’t give Cam up, you really need to think about finding another way to make a living, because this is not it.” “Ahhh he went back to sleep, …yeah, not for long though I’m sure he’s hungry, well I’m sure his mom is hungry, see you later, ok, be safe, yeah Nia, you and Camera as well.” “Mom, yes, I just called to let you know I love you no matter what, good-bye.” <<<”So how serious is this?” “So serious Mmephis they’re coming, whose coming?” “Everyone except Sioux and Apache, although Sura Danielle maybe coming as well, does this mean Bronze we can’t go home, it mean Mmephis we’re to realize finally we only have one home, the paradise of God, by the Christ’s Lord.” “I got to go get everything set up for their coming, you coming?” “Ah I need to, but I don’t, it’s getting so little Bear nearly live at the center, yes, well look, I won’t be gone long, if so. I’ll break and come and get you guys, ok?” “You’re not that encouraged they’re coming?” “No, that’s not it, I assume for a moment Mmephis we’re going to be going through withdrawal, like we just quit a mighty drug (the American Dream), but soon if we don’t faint we’re get over it, right?” “I love you so much, I can’t Mmephis begin to put into words how much you and Little Bear mean to me, either way I’ll be back before dinner, I love you Bronze as well, we, we love you, need you so much.” <<<”Nicholas, my Christ, I been calling and calling, …I know babe, we been in meetings all day, I’m so sorry, Desrek lost his wife, ah god I heard something about that, I was hoping it had nothing to do with you guys, what are they trying to tell us, you?” “Something Nicholas we don’t want to realize, I need you Tiffany to get to Hikes Peak, to Christian Cros, I won’t feel that you’re safe unless you do.”

“Desrek is leaving the country entirely, don’t tell me, Africa right?” “What is wrong with everyone, it’s like the entire free world is a Titanic disaster, and now it’s time to abandon ship, I’m concern about Nicholas Coogan as well, these people are not only threatening us, but, …hey, hey honey I got to go, please for safety consider Hikes Pikes, I’ll call you again just as soon, be safe Nicholas, be safe.” As one casting a worried looked into the communicator receiver, did Tiffany know, where T-KAMB was concern Nicholas Edin was in just as much trouble as herself, as them all, that he could be as well a target. “What’s with Hikes Pike, where can he run to be safe?” “Coffee?” “O no Dex, I already can’t sleep, I know how things look right now Tiffany, when you’re frighten and even more when those you love are threaten, it seem as though there’s no place to turn, but you of all people Tiffany know, the Lord Christ is our shepherd, and thus our blessed hope, now on that astonishing note you get some sleep, we have a very arduous day ahead, very arduous.” “Thanks Dex, you’re welcome.” “What did I tell you?” “Wow, he has changed, he was always Tip, god help me sexy, now, even more so, he’s right though, if you or the others with you lose faith we’re all going to be in big, big trouble.” “So is he staying or going?” “I’m pretty sure he’s going, so you couldn’t talk him out of it?” ‘I didn’t try, god forbid if something like that happen to Nicholas, I wouldn’t stay here, I couldn’t, I would go where something like this make the most sense, sadly Ronda a place where these horrors isn’t a stranger, the Juttah.” “I remember the last time we sat and talked like this, I was torn between two lovers, Christian Cros and Nicholas Edin, yeah I remember, Nicholas was losing, as Tif we never liked those Coogans.” “We don’t Ronda know where they’re to strike next, only that they’re to strike, and in a away that’s to cause the most horror, pain and regret.”

“You going to get some sleep right?” “Yes I promise, I’m to reach Nicholas for a night cap and ease off into a good sleep, tell him I said hello and hurry home, thanks, I will.”

...Saying With A Loud Voice, Fear God And Give Glory To Him...

Scene XXII

-“I want to thank all of those in attendance today, this isn’t easy to any of us, having to say goodbye to someone so genuine and lovely as Kiefer Bay.” “Although I’m her husband Desrek Alum, I only knew her a short space, but the time I knew her I loved her, and she I, and the both of us loved the Christ.” “This is the blessed hope in all of this, that one day we shall behold him as he is, that where he is we maybe also, for all those here who don’t believe him and serve him as Lord I admonish you to fall in love, open your heart to this blessed redeemer.” “Now I want you all to welcome my dearest friend and sister in the Lord Christ, Maaseiah Adonai, many of you know her as Tiffany Ann, she will send us off by singing ‘we shall behold him,’ I thank you all again for coming, everyone please have a blessed rest of the day.” <<<”Did you know?” “Know what, that Maaseiah could sing like that?” “Judging by how astonished everyone was I don’t think any of us knew, man that was so amazing, I thought we would ascend right into heavens, right there.” “I think we did Medicine, only it wasn’t time and they sent us back, man just thinking about it give me the shivers.” “I’m glad you recorded it, I can’t wait for Sioux to see it and hear it, he’s going to be just as dumbfounded, how can a person sing that amazingly and not have a recording contract?” “I know, weird huh?” “I hate to say this, but that was some funeral, we can say that Marked, as long as we remember the verse of scripture, death, where is thy sting, grave where is thy victory, that mean Kiefer Bay they called her, she abideth with our Lord Christ forever.” “He did remarkably well speaking at her memorial like that, god forbid the worse happen, I don’t think Medicine I could do that you know, I think it’s his faith, that not only will he one day behold this Christ Lord, but his beloved wife.” “I can’t wait to behold my wife, does this mystery woman Medicine have a name?” “No name, no face, identity as yet but what just happen with Saber Tooth gives me much hope, yeah the oldest and the youngest, you think Sioux will marry anyone other than Maaseiah, I’m beginning to think medicine he really doesn’t have a choice, there is only one and that one has a husband name Nicholas Coogan.”

“I heard him mention someone named Eve Lyn to Apache recently, I don’t medicine suddenly I’m reminded of a child and their imaginary friends, but I guess we’ll see huh?” “Anyway I’m going to get some zees so I’ll be good and rested when I reach the family, yeah, hopefully Marked I’ll know what all that mean soon, I’m to catch up on some reading myself, well baby bro enjoy.” <<< “Its Nick Cole, who else?” “I was so sleep, and so, so good, hearing her yarn was it obvious he’d contacted her at an inconvenient time, then I’ll you tomorrow, no, pushing up into the head board herself awake, she couldn’t pretend it wasn’t good to hear his voice, you’re always telling me to call you, but you’re never available to talk, look I have one question, and you can go back asleep, will you marry me?” “That is the question, I want a straight out answer, no and if, or buts, I’ve never been more serious, yes, ye Nick Cole I will marry you, huh?” I mean, you mean it, you’re not still sleep right?” “I’m wide awake, and I’ve been thinking about this a lot, you have?” “You sound so stun Nick Cole, you thought I was going to say no, now you be honest?” “I was hoping for a yes, but perhaps not so outright, ok you go to sleep, I’ll call you just as soon tomorrow, when are you coming home?” “You don’t know how good it is to hear you ask me that, I’d planned to leave for home tomorrow night, so I’ll call you when the plans are final, ok, you sleep good Nick Cole, and you baby as well, sweet night and I’ll be there to you soon.” <<<”You look as though you’ve seen a ghost, she’s here, Maaseiah is here, you’re right,” as one getting to a look out the window, seeing as well, had Maaseiah seemingly taken them up on their offer. “Let Mrs. Martha know we’re to have guess for dinner, look who the spirits brought over, yeah, not that I don’t love you guys, but I second guessed myself all the way here.” “You sure Christian you want to do this?” “You sure Maaseiah you want to ask that question?” “I know, but I have a crew arriving bright and early, you did say I could work from out here?” “I,I don’t recall, yes, sure, Hikes Peak welcomes you, we, all of us Maaseiah welcome you, I can’t wait to see how creative it’s all to be.” “I don’t know, don’t be surprised if you wake up one morning and I’ve packed and moved back to civilization, so what are you saying, that we’re prisoners of the boondocks?” “Not Christian prisoners, willing partying but boondocks no less, in ways Maaseiah I cannot put into words I’m so sorry about what happen to Dresrek Alum, to his wife, that people can be that hateful, that unfathomable in their very blood, it’s , it’s sphinx-like.” “When the Supreme Lords,” witnessed upon as one yet pulling baggage from the car was Spirit River, with an attentive Christian Cros delighted to help her with all her things.” “Showed me the death rider, or the bringer of death that was coming, how detestable and abominable mankind’s lives, lands and churches, you remember the portion of scripture,” with Tiffany Ann’s astonishing look growing up and all around this amazing stay over, this literally indescribable bedroom, for lack of description, it was all breathtaking. “I hope Maaseiah this will sacrifice, of course, it’s limitless, what was I saying?” “ah, you remember when the Apostle Paul described how he would not have known sin except the word of God commanded thou shalt not covert.” “I Christian, even Spirit would not have comprehended how detestable and abominable everything mankind worship as God, except I heard the Holy Spirit describe God’s people this way.” “ It’s why the Lord Christ hath declared, not everyone who call me lord, Lord shall enter into the kingdom of heaven, Jesus is describing millions, upon millions of people all climbing up to the Supreme Father some alternate way, why, because they’ve forsaken god, meaning, they’ve forsaken sound doctrine.” “My people are dying, this is what the crying God told me, my people Christian Cros, Spirit River, are dying, and they’re being stripped of everything my Christ has brought them, again (the truth, sound doctrine, ye must ne born again). “Behold he then said, I will stripped their leaders, meaning, whatever evil they were doing to his people, that fail them from Christ’s Cros so horribly, so Christian, astronomically the same would be done to them, behold I will strip their leaders and leave them as in day they were born.”

...For The Hour Of His Judgment Is Come...

-”That’s what I’m trying to tell you, no make that Mmephis that is what I am telling you, she stood their before the masses probably like something out of the written word of God, itself, like a Moses standing before a defiant Pharaoh of Egypt and she promised how the sun would not see another sunset until the Darius Heir Juttah is returned to her.” “Man the entire masses of them were frighten beyond description, can she do that?” “You mean like the Christ Lord spoke to the killer storm, the raging wind to be still and it all calmed?” “The way Mmephis he commanded the earth that did not leave his feet Maaseiah would say even into the great ocean of waters.” “The Christ made it clear how imperative it was that he leave, that the Holy Spirit instead come, he made it plain Mmephis how greater works we would do, how he hath given unto us the keys to the kingdom, how we can do all things through this Christ Lord who strengthen us.” “I herein believe Mmephis what we’re truly capable of completely elude us as we walk more by fear than faith, a faith we fail horribly at activating to its entirety.” “I’m sorry,” seeing she’s to look out at the world because something they’d only in holy Scripture read about and believed, ceasing to be the kingdom of men, at the free world fall, was it all plainly becoming the Supreme One and his Christ, that they’re to reign forever. “For what?” “That the world as we know it is ending, how Bronze is that your fault?” “The Darius Juttah according to the prophecies of God has been warning us since forever, and now it seem Mmephis like its raining refugees, that is what Rev Amunga pointed out to me recently, that it seem to be storming refugees down all around.” “Though most are only passing through to island nations like Madagascar, the Juttah with it’s reapers, that hill, some are beginning to call Golgotha, (meaning the place of a skull). “They’re not taking any chances, their not realizing this isn’t just about their temporal life, but their immortality, and the African Juttah the greatest of mankind trial of faith to come.” “I’m ready when you are, now with the others coming you shouldn’t feel so all alone, keep dreaming,” fitting herself into a car door, seat made ready to her, did Mmephis think nothing at all would change, as said people were being forced out of their comfort zones. “You know how they all feel about me, well all of that is about to change, right?” “Here they come now, -my Jesus is Christ look at everyone,” rushing into a jolly hug and kiss, even hand shake of them all, was their apparent pretend smiles of agreement in the midst of much melancholy and anxiety of forsaking the long prearranged world contemplation. “You guys are in building seven like myself, my Medicine Bow how tall are you?” “Taller than you, that’s almost,” as one standing shoulder to shoulder with his little one was their obvious proof Bronze Cotton Field was a bit taller. “This Bronze is Nia McKenzie -Niagara , like in Niagara Falls, and her son Camera, I’ve heard a lot about you, and I Bronze you, this heat, it is always so hot, here, or is that a foolish question, this being Africa.” “While Nia there’s no way for you or the others to know this, but all eyes are especially on the sun tonight, the Juttah, Darius Preecest has spoken a curse, the young heir was taken from them about three days ago, she has promised and I quote, the sun shall not set until he’s returned, can she do that?” “That is exactly how Mmephis replied, and you guys”, as one peeking into his watch, were the streets all around New Ethiopia as busy as those in Paris, London, even New York, and just as innovative all around. “In about two hours we’re going to learn without a doubt whether or not she has that power, so Bronze what it is you do all day?” “To be honest Marked I work in the fields, in the countryside some would say with Rev. Amunga, with all of the masses of refugees pouring in from all around, that alone is the greatest chore.” “Believe me, there is no shortage of work here, not at all, Mmephis here, well why do you tell them what you do?” “You don’t think it’s to frighten them?” “I volunteer for the hill most of the time, the hill?” “Negeb Ophel, what some are calling Golgotha, you work there, tell us?” “It’s Medicine as they say, a strange land of thick brush, of maze like vines and bodies, all kind of bodies, bodies?” “Yeah Sura, people that they’re taken there, to be punished, not just people Mmephis, sinners,” a native of Nigeria, Mmephis Obeth, Muna tall, expert, did she have an accent if possibly even more beautiful than herself, flawless black, facial features, even having worked with Queen Model Niemyer at Dissausion Fashion center. “You all know the Juttah will not, cannot tolerate sinners, those who refuse to comply are given three opportunities be penitent, if you’re taken there for a forth time your chance of survivor is extremely rare.” “Though tomorrow, it will be well spent in registration and on tours all round and through the Juttah , unto the Temple Darius, where your marriage, and offspring will be recorded into a book for all to see, know, read and honor.” “So you two really like it here, to be honest, all of that changed Saber when it became plainly and even painfully obvious we could no loner go home.” <<<“I just want to know what was said?” “Answer one thing Sioux for me first, you hear these professors of Christ all the time with purpose to save America, to salvage, and that’s understandable, though when, what is it truly they think God is going to do with America?” “Everything that is a result of the first fall is a curse right, everything, this include America, everything of this curse has to then be dealt with, again everything, America like all nation building hath her beginning at Adam’s fall, and it’s disintegration at the second Adam reign (it is finished, JCON).” “I listen to them and it’s as though they get it, that they really get it until you hear them justify America as good, as having a lot of good people, yeah but what they Apache refuse to acknowledge is good people don’t go to heaven, redeemed people go to heaven.” “All have sinned, meaning all of mankind is by the first Adam lineage sin, so when you call them good, you’re saying they’re good, or mild minded, or controlled sinners, not realizing except they repent, these Apache so call good sinners, they have and they will by the millions, perish. Becausde of this misinformation, instead they’re those saying they’re rich, that they’re increased good, that they have need, when because of this deceptive good they’re doomed,” “Now my question, how did you persuade Sura Danielle into the African Juttah, I presented it to her as a trial, that is what Saber and this Nia is calling this major decision they’re to make, a trial, I know Sura Danielle, so Apache does you, she didn’t just go into the Juttah without you as a trial.” “Ok I’ll admit when she agree so easily I was stun, no resistance, so fights or arguments, we Sioux seem to do that a lot and I, … you think she’s with child?” “Wha, why would you say that?” “Hope Apache man, that is what a child would be to her, to either of them having to make such unthinkable sacrifices, she said something to you?” “What side of the bed did you waken from?” “{{{Hello, hey you guys, it’s all over the news, what’s all over the news?” “The Juttah Heir Preecest, the sun is yet to set you guys, ah my God, it’s Cheyenne, holding the receiver into Apache’s clear awareness, had they for a time forgotten the phenomenon happening across the globe Meshullam Kedesh being threaten so, and the known world. “Its Cheyenne, he says it all over the news, no sunset, you mean its happening?” Rushing to the window, pulling the curtain away into a bright sunlight, how could the sun at one time shine across the globe, it’s not possible, “but, my god Sioux it’s happening., our Christ in heaven, it’s happening.”

...And Worship Him Who Made Heaven And Earth...

Scene XXIV

-”You feeling any better, just Lion leave me alone, baby, look I’m warning you, ok, just leave me alone, why are you Penelope treating this like it’s my doing?” “If you’re going to be angry at someone for bringing your world to an end blame god, he’s only Penelope been threatening to do it especially since the revelations of Jesus, the Christ. “We’re all going out for dinner, and would be very pleased if you come, you have thirty minutes to decide, I don’t want to be here, none of us want to be here, it not, -if you say that once more I’m going to scream, it’s not that bad, …it’s not that bad,” mocking Lion Wolf Paw straight out had Penelope Irene been having doubts about the marriage for a while, whether she’d made the best decision for her life and now this. “I’ll be ready to go, just give me a few minutes, it really break my heart seeing you this way, please Lion give me a few minutes.” “Well?” “Ah she want a few minutes, I’ve never seen her this bad before, none of the wives are happy, she’ll come around you’ll see, I hope so Marked, I truly hope so.” “It’s happening you guys,” as one peeking out, up into a high burning Sun, was it miraculous and a bit frightening that they’d arrived at such a phenomenally uncharacteristic time for so many.” “I see it, and I don’t believe it, we all Saber see it, we all Saber don’t believe it, how dangerous is this, for mankind that is?” “It’s Nia really serious, but kidnapping the heir Juttah is also really, really serious, someone has possibly taken him, thinking they’re use him, like the Darius Juttah to create their own paradise.” “What is everyone looking at?” “That would be the promise of the Darius Preecest, the Sun refusing to set, yeah, Nia here asked how dangerous is this, it could potentially kill us all, all life, planet, animal, and people, interfere with the Sun, or the heavenly bodies period, the sun the moon, the stars, unto the ecological system, that it’s to perform itself unnaturally as this, and our chances for survival greatly diminishes.” “Penelope is a nearly third year science major, ah, I see, someone said something about getting out to eat, yeah, you guys lets get out of here, you think the various dreams and visions Maaseiah has had about the sun were all pointing to this day?” “I understand this is an unthinkable trial for us all, that we’ve seemingly abandon great loves of our heart, mind and soul, even the American Dream but what the divine father hath in stored for me, us, is abundantly above anything, we’re to think and believe, thanks Marked Tree, that was everything we needed to hear, right you guys?” “This place truly is remarkable, taking themselves through the busied streets, it was amazing how stunning all things all around, and how truly appreciative the people. “Look is hard getting used to driving the opposite of Americans, from right to left, oppose to left to right, it’s not Nia something you’re to get used to, as you drive along with other motorist, what Bronze Cotton mean is, it varies per driver.” “So what restaurant is this you’re bringing us to?” “One you guys of many here, the food here is totally exhilarating, even you guys accelerating, Mmephis, …yes, the last I was there I had the simplest dinner, and grape juice to drink, it left me with such a calming feeling, and soon, it was as though someone slightly spiked the punch, I was on this pleasant high and it was the food, the purity of it I guess.” “You can’t Mmephis forget some dishes are cooked with wine, and other liquors, I don’t Saber, I just know the amazing way it all made me feel, …and here we are guys.” “Souders, does that mean anything in particular?””No, just the owners name, you guys want to dine in doors or out?” ‘Which is cooler?” “I’m sure that’s everyone’s question, right?” “Could we like start in and for a night cap do like this out door thing?” How romantic Saber, how romantic indeed.” <<<”No, the leader Kars just want to know what to tell their inquiring parishioners, this is scary, it’s unforeseen, I just spoke it Ebonee, I was angry and vengeful, I wanted them to realize what it was they were doing and those words, that curse just came out, I’m just as astonish as all others.” “I’m not going to take it back, I want my child, you do Ebonee know the chances of getting Meshullam back is slim, that this is probably the only way, which is why the Supreme is honoring it this way.” “I know honey and hear you, I just, they just want to know what’s happening, what Ebonee was happening when the supreme send Moses, the ten plagues of Egypt, and why Ebonee, why did He perform himself this way?” “It was to prove one thing, right, yes, that He alone is God, that mankind cannot on his own do nothing, accomplish nothing, unless he empowers them, I only spoke it, the Supreme is the one that has performed it, I can no more take it away, than cause it.” “What is all of this, all kinds of gifts and gift baskets have been arriving since I spoke, they’re frighten as you said but they’re also very supportive.” “ It proves again Belle, our God, the God of Isaac, Abraham and Jacob, the God of the Christ Lord, is the God of them all.” “It’s just that the planet can’t take much of this, well Ebonee I hope the kidnappers realize this and return the heir Juttah just as soon, let my son go!” “That Ebonee is what you tell them, let my son go and the sun, the heavens above return to normal, setting the anointed aside unto the marriage supper is what the Supreme God hath ordain, anything else Ebonee is vanity, a reaching for the wind.” <<<”Perhaps this is why the woman ought to keep silent, perhaps instead Sir Morrisen this why the Juttah Preece should be taken more serious, the Juttah Preecest can’t on her own still the heavens or the sun, only a higher power in agreement with her can accomplish such a thing, the divine is truly with them.” “With her Bishop Smallson, but for how long? “There’s much talk about how this has cause unthinkable manners of disasters across the globe, how many people could die over one missing boy, …he’s not one missing Rev. Clamps, he’s the Heir Juttah, the next to reign of his Darius Father Preece Ebonee.” “Though how can those who’ve foolishly taken him, not realize the peril they’ve placed us all in and return him just as soon?” “Seriously, this is no joke, that still, three o’clock Sun is proof of that.” “What were they thinking is all I’m to ask?” “They had to know taking this special child above all others would cause untold trouble for these lands, I thought Lord Ashley they even considered that, but how they would benefit at his being this special heir as described here?” “Clearly this devastated mother meant no harm, she simply spoke and by this Holy Supreme One, it was done.” “Return her son, with no harm to him, and this all return to normal, it’s both as miraculous and simple as that, thus that sun out there is a constant reminder to the kidnappers to give back the Heir Juttah.” “We hope and pray Lord Ashley it’s as simple as all of that, but we’re to consider what’s in or on the mind of people that will do this, whether this is temporary insanity or something a bit more sinister?” “Thus we’re thankful gentlemen we have on our side the power of faith and prayer, that’s what it’s going to take to deliver us out of this inexplicable trial, faith, prayer and persistence therein the two.”

...And The Sea, And The Fountains Of Water...

Scene XXV

-”So what are they saying?” “Well Sioux they can’t deny it, it’s right there in front of the whole world, they’ve just brought forth one specialist after another trying to debunk it all, but there it is, what the Darius Preecest hath said, and world professionals trying to give explanation to it all.” “I’m going to go, already, but it’s early yet, I did as you said, I agreed to meet this Eve Lynn, ah my god you didn’t?” “Yes, so I have that, and if it all go well we’ll possible be out for the entire night, why are you smiling so?” “You know why, it isn’t the wedding alter but it’s close as either one of us have seen you, which remind me Apache, what about Medicine, the African Juttah isn’t a place for bachelors or bachelorettes, speaking of Saber and Nia.” “Well I wouldn’t be so concern about Medicine, he’s never been that far behind Bronze Cotton, and Saber and Nia, I just feel they’re going to make something wondrous out of this, remember, this is what the Rumah saw as well.” “Yeah well, I better go, I don’t want to be late for our first date, call me, call you, …why?” “I, heck I don’t know, just call me, you know when it all said and done, ok, ok, if that’s what you want, look have you talked to Sura?” “Yeah they arrived in style, the Juttah is indescribable, she’s glad she decided to go, can’t wait until I get there, now go so you’re to be just as detailed about you and Eve Lynn, detailed huh?” “Yes dear eldest brother of mine, detailed.” <<<{{{ “Hello, hey baby,” noticeably asleep or talking out of his sleep, yarning deep and long, causing her to yarn as well, did a concern Tiffany consider the late hour. “It is so good hearing your voice bab –be, and yours, you’re sleeping I hear, yeah I only just dozed off, everybody so hot and bothered about the sun, how it’s daylight all around, you know what’s going on?” Again yarning, could Nicholas look from his high rise and see various rooftops filled with people no doubt in conversation and debates, even heated arguments, the emphasis being on heated squabbles about the strange coincidence.” “Where are you?” “That’s why I called I’m at Hikes Peak, my word Nicholas you should see the bed and bath I’m in, only the Castle Lennord can compare, yeah I’m sure he did that for you, well the only thing that is missing is you.” “what is happening Tiffany with this sun stuff, there’s a lot of talk about how the two witness could be here, I mean the only reason I remember this is Desrek Alum mention them, as so did you, is that what this is?” “Then Tiffany honey if so, what does it all mean?” “I am laboring for naught, and I mean every time I spend time around you and those sky-landers of yours, sky-landers, where you get that?” “It just came out really, that’s what they all are, right, Sioux Noel and the others, the tribe they call them, look, I just know what everyone is saying.” “Seemingly that the Juttah Preecest swore by the Supreme in heaven, that unless her son, the Heir Juttah recently Nicholas kidnapped wasn’t return, this would happen, it is Nicholas beyond real and all manners of specialist are scrambling mightily trying to explain it all.” “It’s as though a sun for every continent has emerged, a sun Tiffany for every continent?” “Yes, how else can you explain the whole world being daylight simultaneously and miraculously, it’s stunning there huh?” “All yes, we can explain the evening, then there was especially the moon lite nights, but with this frozen sun Nicholas that has all changed,” “How did she do this?” “She didn’t Nicholas do this, only the Supreme God of all that is mankind could ever in a trillion years do something of this magnitude and man is baffled.” “Mystified that is, because again Nicholas this staggering event bring undeniable proof to the God they’ve forsaken days without numbers.” “I’m yet Tiffany considering what you said, how more suns have probably emerged on the scene, is that possible, if Nicholas the whole world wasn’t looking upon a three o’clock sun frozen like so across the planet, then I would say no way , but since we are then I can say, with the Supreme One only, all things are possible.” “You try and get some rest and I’ll call you on my lunch break, ok, you be safe, I will, it’s why I’m at Hike’s Peak remember, you be safe Nicholas as well, goodnight baby, yeah my beloved, be well.”}}} “Ok, ok, I agree the beaming sunlight is throwing us off a bit, but the falls, do you all know what we can do with these falls, and the mountain view, come on you guys, this phenomenon is for you, let’s do this and get us off to lunch.” <<<”You know Desrek, he probably detoured off somewhere, he’s not going to worry us unnecessarily, he promised me, so we’ll hear from him soon, if not I’m off looking for him he know that and thus he’ll not chance that.” “I got to go, I told the center I would stand in for Desrek, you did what?” Sole, “please tell me you’re kidding, I mean not that you’re kidding, these things are so far beyond that, but you can’t be serious.” “I am Ronda, serious, as serious as Desrek before me, ok, I was looking in this dream last night, I was surrounded by multiple young people who love this Supreme Lord when one of them asked, what are we going to do once we win this?” “And Ron without hesitation I said, we use it to minister the gospel of this Lord almighty, that’s why we’re here, there is no other reason for being here other than the testimonials of this Lord Christ.” “That Ronda is such my nature, or my Christian nature, that is what this has been about for thousands of years since the first Adam, since Christ’s Cross, the second Adam. it is the only victory of mankind both fought against all evil wickedness and won, everything else a vain reaching for the wind.” “Dexter please, what you expect me to say?” “Talk some sense into him, you’re chancing your life, even that of Kassle, that Ron is the life you chose when you come after this Christ Lord, Dexter know that, it’s not a ministry about getting, gaining and obtaining the world, like we’re constantly being made to believe, that is the lie, that is the illusion.” “The Christ Lord made it certain we’re to know, to understand those coming after him better be ready to lose it all, even their lives, the servant is no greater than the master.” “I read that the other night, if they’d done it Ron to the Master you best believe it’s to be done in ways much greater to the servant, frightfully but truthfully Ron this is what it has always been about, the American Dream is about losing God, losing our sight and sense of God, or godliness, it is Satan’s seat.” “ The rock of salvation, the church of this Christ lord is about losing this temporal falsehood and gaining the immortal continuation of the Supreme’s will for the mankind he hath made.” “All I can say further is Kassel and I know the chance being taken here, but we also know we can’t let T-KAMB dictate our comings and goings after this Christ for the salvation of all who will come, thus Ron if anything happen, she’s going to need you and you her, I got to go I’m already late.” “What just happen, and when did he start calling me Ron?” “All I can tell you Ron is they’re totally beyond description serious about their faith, I just got my brother off a death bed and at the same time placed his darling wife so massacred onto one.” “I’m yet to get Desrek back, right now Dex we don’t know if or when we will see or hear from him again, I agree with Sole, Desrek isn’t going to make us wonder for long, seeing nearing tears I to set in eyes yet wondering after her baby brother getting off, so tall, stunning and spiritual, how frightening and amazing they all were. “Lets check on the little one and get something to eat, I’m right behind you, I’m just astonished Dex, so amazed you know.” <<<”I’m pregnant, you’re …little Meshullum is about to have a baby sister, I would have told you sooner, but all of these things, with the kidnapping.” “You know it’s a girl?” “Yes,” smiling ear to ear with a fatherly Preece Ebonee being this amazed that once again they were expecting, how extraordinary it was, all. “We’re to get him back, and he’ll meet and love his sister and she, her brother, and all things Preece Ebonee Belle will be as it should be.” “Not to frighten you wife, but I thought they would’ve return the Preece Heir by now, I can’t be positive, but I believe this will be a 21 day trial, and this is only the seventh day.” “I’m going to get a lukewarm shower, I’m so, well I feel icky, I may Belle even run a bath, Bell?” “Yes, I want you to name her, I’m making you responsible for naming our first daughter, I will Kars find it an honor I assure you,” “I know what you’re thinking, another child we’re to place in danger. but birthing children into the curse of death, that is a truth all around Belle for us all.” “You probably need to eat something, you barely touched breakfast, …Kars, yes, how long?” “I just told you, this is something you know or something you presume, or is it something you’re hoping for?” “Something I’m hoping for, are you serious?” “I want Meshullum back this very second, I spoke out in anger and I guess for now on I’ll be careful about that, but what is done Belle is done, but I’m not loving this, I’m just as horrified, holding my breath even hoping today, tonight, this very second he is returned.” “You’re right, I’m, …envious?” “Envious Belle that this happen on my word and not yours, we are one Belle, you must know that, we have been for a very long time now, perhaps even from our mother’s womb, this, whatever it is, it alone is going to bring Meshullum Kadesh back home to us, this Belle and this alone, so please, try to eat something, please and not worry yourself sick.”

...And There Followed Another Angel, Saying...
Scene XXVI

-“I stayed up as, just tell me the date went so well you just couldn’t find the time, it didn’t, it didn’t?” “I don’t, she didn’t Apache, Eve Lynn never showed up, something I truly feared, so when I tried reaching her from concern, there was nothing.” “It was as though she dropped from the planet, or Apache, she never, really existed, well did she?” “According to the communicator yes, I’ve seen multiple pictures, I, we’ve had, wait, pictures?” “You never told me you saw pictures, yes, she’s a real beauty, I’ve been communicating with this woman for three years, three years?” “You told me only a year, I’ve known of her identity for a year but we’ve been communicating anomalously for years.” “Here’s all the information Apache regarding her, since you’re an investigative reporter, a very good one, perhaps you can determined what happen to her.” “ In the mean time we have boo coos of work today, that’s Apache while the sun is still shining in all places at once.” “Yeah, hey don’t be so disappointed,” as one getting straight out to mountains of work regarding the phenomenon happening in New Africa Ethiopia, as the entire world of media were so inundated. “It’s going to happen, I’ll meet someone soon, and marry and give you even more nieces and nephews, soon I promise.”

“You better, I’m really tired of waiting, then stop waiting, go to her, go to Sura Danielle, …and Jude Aleksander?” “Ah please, she’s your wife, plus she doesn’t love Jude, she love you, and so you know, has gone to stranger than can be imagined territories to prove it so.” <<<”It is not Kars honey that I am jealous, what is happen shows without doubt how much the heavenly host truly trust you, use Belle, us.” “ The entire religious world of iron men are all completely dumbfounded out of their heads that the Supreme one has done this indescribable thing by way of a woman.” “Surely you jest, it is by the woman the greatest gift of all has come to this world, the only begotten son of God, or have you all forgot?” “Forgotten my Preece, that by the woman alone, the woman and Holy spirits the Christ lord hath again come into this world, it’s what completely justifies her, that by the woman sin hath entered into the world, as so by the woman, her seed, hath salvation as well entered into the world.” “So from this truth we’re to realize the Supreme hath Preece Ebonee done something far more astronomical than the observable fact of divinity at present, this all pale in comparison.” “Where are you going?” “Ah, I made a volunteer of myself , so I’m Be’le going to the Consignment Center to be of some use to someone for something, I don’t know, it’s better than just sitting around wondering, right?” “You can come with, you know what you’re doing is like the first lady going to the local red cross to work, and there is Be’le something wrong with that?” “No, except you’re to place yourself in danger, the people, tongues and tribes are desperate around here, it is feared this is why they took Meshullum, to create their own, personal Juttah.” “We were Kars before the sun being made still beyond incredible now we are gods, not Kars like him, as far as the natives are concern we are god, it will be nothing for them to relinquish the son and instead take the Darius Preecest, take you Kars.” “I hear you and I fully understand your fears, are you now quitting the gospel of the Christ Lord, will you allow millions to perish because you fear for the temporal over the eternal?” “Think dearest husband of mine, why has the Supreme Lords given us the African Juttah and made us Darius over it all?” “Will you come?” “Yes, I guess I will, good, it’s been a while Be’le since we’ve worked side by side and who knows, the people belief that we’re the divinity will be gravely diminished, you think?” “What I think Preecest Kars is I’m married to the most astonishing woman on the planet, and I’m not saying that Kars because of what’s happening to bring our son home, it’s true, and that’s why I say it.” “What?” “I can see it all over your face, …since this has happen Be’le, and this isn’t to take from Meshullum, ah, Casiphia told me about this dream whereas he awaken screaming and crying and breaking down, apart inconceivably, naïves, like Native Africans, by fields and fields were taking, stealing Shyniage Grace from him, what?” “Wait, this was before the kidnapping?” “It was Bele months before, so is what happen to Meshullum what he dreamed, or is something just as dreadful to happen to Grace as well?” “I just keep asking myself that question, my god Kars,” as one resting his crying head, into her crying head, was it plainly obvious, and thus painfully how trials of this manner would continue regardless of the Juttah unto the blessed Lord, blessed Hope, Christ Lord reign. “We need him to come regardless of the Juttah, yes,” brushing her leaking cheek like so, was the Lord Christ return mightily desired as with his return would as well come the end of mankind’s atrociously fraudulent, disingenuous reign, “we can’t do this without his reign, we never could, and we never will, because he alone can bring an end to wicked.” <<<”They can’t, they’re Apache doing everything within their power to explain the heavenly bodies at present but they can’t, they just can’t.” “I couldn’t find anything on her, so I put the Askews on it, I mean you’re, it’s as though she never existed, or disappeared from the earth.” “Here, what’s this?” “That is the location she called me from just this morning, she called you, this Eve Lynn?” “She explained how she got cold feet, how she think what we have is better this way, I told her how I understood, though I want to take the relationship to the next level …and?” “Of course Apache she ended the transmission but not before I got this location, and this reconnaissance on her, what do you think?” “I think you’re serious, look, I’ve taken this serious, if there’s nothing to be serious about I want to know so I can spend this precious energy elsewhere.” “I’ll pass it on to them, we should know something Sioux before the day is over, good, now I got to get to headquarters, headquarters?” “Stentson, there’s a Holy man, one who says he can explain the sitting sun unless none other and Stenson say he want me and me alone on it, so I’ll see, yeah call me, let me know.” “{{{Deergrove, yeah look, our lady in waiting called Sioux earlier and he got this location on her, look we don’t know what this is about, even T-KAMB, so we can’t approach this blindly.” “I know what you mean, this is what Hunter said as well, so just lay it on me and we’ll walk softly, you better, if anything happen to you guys, god forbid I’m in so much trouble.” “Apache, we’re grown men, we understand the chances we’re taking and praise the Holy Lord like so, ok, well good blessings that Lord be with you, thanks and I’ll call as soon as we know.”}}}

...Babylon Is Fallen, Is Fallen...
Fourteen Days

-“I was told I could find Sioux Noel here, ah, “as one looking into a business card, was the woman standing before them tall, flawless and of a titillating aroma, she was purely model caliber as most attention paid her bore forth. “A Deer grove and Deer Hunter is to lead me here, of course miss you’re in the right place, your name that I can announce you, Eve Lynn Tar’got, ok Miss Tar’got if you will have a seat I’ll inform Mr. De’burk you’re here.” {{{Mr. Deburk you a have a guess in the foyer for you, a guess?” “A miss Tar’Got, I’ll be right there.”}}} “He’ll be right here, …you wanted to see me?” With long legs spiraling endlessly from a black just above the knee skirt suite, at happily standing up toward him, handing her manicured hand for shaking, did this stunning temptress smell as divine as she looked. “It is I Sioux, it is Eve Lynn, Eve Lynn?” “What an amazing surprise, I guess the photo did me no justice as they say?” “No, I mean yes, please come into my office so we can talk personally, I met your cousins Deer and Hunter, they directed me to this place, I had no ideal you was Paris Globe, I’m only one fragment I assure you.” “It is lunch time have you eaten already?” “No, I have not, he was gorgeous, drop dead, an I better distract myself through the window, the paintings on the wall except I stare this darling beautiful all over and through, those long dark lashes, those ocean blue Mar’mar Rumah eyes, simply edible three piece suits, that Eve Lynn thought was simply priceless on a man “and yes, I would be more than pleased to dine with you, perhaps Sioux Noel to make up we’re to make a day of it.” “Excuse me!” “Yes, sure., wow the scene from up here is amazing …pinch me!” “What are you, …she’s here!” “Eve Lynn, she’s here, ah God I hope this isn’t a dream,” flushed in the face and heart at nervously sitting into seat, had Apache Arrow as well been thrown over by this news “well if this is a dream, I want to meet her before we all awake up, Sioux, yes?” “Ah, Eve Lynn, in your office, can I meet her?” Ah yes, you coming?” “You still, I mean I have someone, I want you to meet, this Lynn, Eve I’m sorry, no most call me Lynn, I’m glad to meet you, ah, …Tristan Allen, it’s nice to meet you, and you, so are we going, to lunch that is?” “Yes, yes we are, so I’ll, as the day progress to, we’ll see whether or not we’re to make as day of it and Apache, Tristan, make sure you remember this in case we’re all dreaming, …you guys enjoy, be safe.” “Did he say dreaming?” <<<”Well?” “How did you guys do this?” “The Holy Spirits Apache, how else, we used all the information you gave us, we set up an appointment, she decided to see us, and everything else is Sioux Noel escorting this lovely creature to lunch.” “It’s happening, my eldest brother, your cousin Sioux Noel is out on a date, this is Apachr this other thing, …not now, I told you not…what other thing?” “There’s a possibility …small possibility Hunter …look guys just tell me, “EVERYBODY, EVERYBODY, IT RAINNING IN THE JUTAAH!!!!! Bringing all of their attention elsewhere was it spreading across the world how the sittng sun was gone and instead was their rain, like Noah’s flood affecting nations all over the world. “”Did he just say it’s raining?” “No Apache not just raining, but that it’s raining in the Juttah, ok, this other thing, can it wait?” “Yeah, sure, this completely out weigh that, good I got to get on the phone, all of us Askews got to get on the phone.” “What are you doing?” “I thought we wouldn’t revealed what we Deer Creek don’t truly know until we know it, I can’t believe you almost told Apache Eve Lynn is possibly a transvestite, arggggggggg, I could scream, …scream all you want, I think a mother know the original sex of their child, what if she’s playing a joke, the mother Creek, what if she’s just having fun, …I saw her, didn’t, don’t say she doesn’t look like a man, that is what all the surgeries are about you nit wit, don’t call me that, I told you don’t call me that. You know what?” “What!” “It’s raining in Africa, in the Juttah, have you Deer Creek Sky even began to realize what this all mean?” “It mean, ok, think about what the Darius Preecest promised, the sun would not set until the Heir Juttah is returned, the whole world Creek is now captured into this enormous storm, it mean one of two things, the Heir Juttah is returned, or deceased.” “O God,” nearly as one collapsing into a seat at realizing why the news of rain in the Juttah had just heighten to such extremes, and now no doubt like the Paris Globe all world new engines, what was the heir Juttah’s fate?” <<<”What is all the fuss?” “The Sitting Sun is gone, it’s beginning to rain, so everyone is curious about the Heir Juttah, the kidnapped child, yes, I know what you mean by the heir Juttah.” “We better go, go, but we only just got, this is tremendous news Lynn, beyond words and I got to get back to the center, …who is even, what is this Heir Juttah mess, …mess, New Africa Ethiopia Heir Preece and Preecest son was taking from them exactly 21 days today, night or whatever, I know you’ve noticed a sitting sun refusing to set, of course I would be mentally handicap not to notice that, but more than a dozen scientist explained the phenomenon, don’t tell me you Sioux believe this was an act of some superior God among all gods.” “Will you be returning to the center with me or going your own way?” ‘I could get my own cab, call you later, or Lynn you could come with me, I shouldn’t be long, ok, I’m quite fascinated by the Globe so.” “You keep saying that, but what do you know about the Globe?” “I know it’s a defense of Religion, that most of it’s articles are religiously based, and when you Lynn say religiously based, what are you saying?” “First to understand religion, you have to first understand who actually drove the nails that crucified the Christ Lord, and thus made the testimonial thereof an outreach of that infinitely divine.” “The apostle John described it all as those who are Lynn the children of the devil, the religious, as those who happily serve sin, and those who’re the children of God, as those Christ-like who instead happily and even dangerously serve righteousness, they do not practice sin, …and sin Sioux, what is sin, …sin is that act of the heart, mind and soul, the flesh, even the religious, that completely transgress against or defy the righteousness of God, it completely defies his will and spirit work, warfare after the salvation of mankind.” “That mankind born Lynn into both a curse of death and eternal death, you see that, that Sioux Noel is the Paris Globe, but you don’t believe any of it, I wouldn’t say I don’t believe it, I don’t or I can’t receive it, who knows, perhaps one day.” “One day Lynn soon I hope as time like never before is of the essence and to die in this uncertainty is, or would be the costliest indecision not only of your life, but your immortality.” “Sioux Noel, I presume you heard?” “I’ve told you Deer Grove Sioux is fine, and yes I’ve heard, anyone reach Bronze Cotton, there’s no news from the Heir Juttah so far but it’s early morning there” “Most countries are reporting massive form of flooding, thousands dead, thousands missing, it’s epic and a lot of people are really, really concern.” “As they Creek should be, this is Marked, maybe he has word of the Juttah, {{{hey, thanks for returning my call, what news is there of Heir Meshullum?” “Man I don’t know, all I know is the worse storm ever is pounding us, this Apache with no rain in the forecast a toll, and the burning sun is gone and now the sky is just pouring.” “What is the weather like there, the skies are black, it haven’t started raining here, but the skies are black with random like, jagged edges of lightening straight through, it’s clear something bad is about to happen, yeah maybe Darius Preecest can speak the storm away.” “Well I’ll call you guys if there’s any word from the Juttah, Medicine and I have decided to just go and wait outside the temple for any word, alright call us, you know I will, hey the same here, call us, hey, keep your head above water, yeah you guys as well.”}}}

...That Great City...


Twenty One Days

-Opening his eyes out of a curious dream, with a display of lightning and thunder inconceivable, it had began to rain, to storm so mightily that it seem as though the entire heavens was pouring out of itself. “Ah my God,” jumping and jerking suddenly awake, at casting the covers off at realizing both the horror and glory of what this meant, that Meshullum Kadesh was either safe or gone from them. “Kars, …Ah My God Kars!” “What is it!” “It’s raining!” As one turning a horrid look into her, that she’s to as well realize what was happening, did a stun Karsiann roll from the bed to her knees, crying and praying and pleading with the Sitting Sun now gone, that their son instead had return?” “We got to, we got to go and see, out, we Kars got to go out and see, Kars,” as one ingesting a throat tight and painful with restricted emotions, at grabbing a hold of her crouched into the floor still crying, pleading, did a just as consume Preece Ebonee Be’le get them both to the door, and soon out the door as they were to search all around that their son Heir Juttah Meshullum Kedesh had been return. ”Over there,” causing a thunderous array of emotions breaking them still, all over and through them both, that just as there was a bolt of lightening, did it highlight a large basket neither of them remember seeing before. “I can’t, I can’t move, I’ll do it, right, it has to be him, what else would it be?” “Our god in heaven we believe you and trust you,” easing down carefully into the suspicious basket, wasting no time pulling the top away to yes their baby boy, what indeed an astonishing sight, as black as his father, as beautiful as his mother. “Is it him!” “Yes, yes god it’s him, is he ok?” “Yes,” actually hearing the joy in his voice, was it noticeable the Heir Juttah was fine as he was moving around, and settling in, even pulling his covers close, did father Preece lift the basket into himself. “He’s just fine, come, lets get him out of the rain, see him, my Christ in heaven, our son is return …mommy,” rubbing his eyes awake to them both, at reaching his arms out toward her, had he missed them, had he been completely mystified at what had exactly happen to his mommy and daddy.” “We missed you so much, did you miss us?” “So much mommy, …look daddy, it’s raining, …yes, it’s raining and lightening and thundering and we love it son, we love it so much, because it brought you back to us.” “If this is a dream and I awaken without him I will not survive it, this is no dream honey, our Meshullum is returned to us, the rain Kars, the storm, you do it, just step out there Be’le, and command peace to be still, our son is come home. “Would you be hungry?” “How about warm milk?” “Yes, yes you want warm milk, good so do I, daddy and I missed you so much, where did you go?” “With the spear men, the spear mean?” “Well where the spear men good to you or bad? …”Good mommy and bad, the good spear man take me back home, …back to me right, back to your dad, we like him and really thank him, we’ll even pray for him.” “He said spear men took him, some good, some so, so good, that the good Be’le brought him home, I meant what I said, if our son is return safe all would be forgiven, yes?” “Yes, I completely agree, listen, what?” “I don’t hear anything, exactly Be’le, exactly, the storm has clamed for you, for us, even for the Juttah.” “We’ll take him with us to the temple and from there allow the villages to share in our joy that our son is return, as so the sun, it has return to normal, and the vicious storms, dissipated, how it will remain in this order as long as no harm is brought to the Heir Juttah of us all.” “Since Preece Meshullum is returned safe to us, have you Kars re-considered any of what Preece Casiphia dream possibly mean?” “I cannot Lord Preece be dishonest with you, of course I have, as surely as you my Lord, if you can’t say sweet wife, I will say it for you, Shyniege Grace is truly Heir Juttah.” “It is that which Juttah Preecest is finding it hard to say, I can’t say that because if it is so, why have they done this miraculous things for to bring Meshullum Kedesh home is he is not the rightful heir, truly Kars, my sweet wife you know, a sacrifice for a sacrifice.” “Surely my love you had doubt, I’m certain Preece husband, Be’le we’ve all had doubts, and how clever do you think Preece Casiphia doubts, will he figure this?” “Even so Preece Ebonee he will not jeopardize his son by spreading rumors, he will fear, but he will keep this fear to himself.” “I instead Preecest have a choice, and choose to bring the heir Juttah home, while he is still young, before we appoint one and not the other.” “I Don’t think any of this my Preece Lord has been by accident but so divinely predestined, I have to live without my son, and my son without his reign, is that what you’re telling me?.” “One thing we learn from Preece Casiphia’s dream is one day Grace will be a great man, a leader among the people, the spreading of the African Juttah will not Be’le stop here…there will be other great places and lands for him to rule, as long as he’s recognized as their son, there is little threat.” “How long have you known this, anticipated this, how, how do you live with this stinging to my blood, heart, soul reality?” “My God is Christ Kars I’m screaming inside, in places ah my god made so horrible with this reality, I knew he was ours.” “I Preece Kars knew the wondrous, insane night we consummated the Juttah vows in adorable beyond description flesh, substance and blood.” “Though because he is pale skinned, blonde and blue eyed I let you deceive me, or even worse I let my own bigotry deceive me, either or my Preece Lord it is how Elohim desire it.” “You are completely sure Kars, you are without a doubt positive, I am to know for a certainty of your certainty, please.” “I have wrestled my sweet, sweet Be’le with this reality from the moment you spilled your sizzling, sorely engaging, indomitable seed into my ravenous for you flesh and blood, …you’re to be gentle with me!” As one whisking her right up, off into his mighty arms, along that ravenous bed of both prey and play, had the words of her tongues, the touch of her hand and inviting body language enticed. That it as well, induced a mighty than ever sexual thirst trough his blood tearing him pleasureously into this just as enflamed by these intimate relations, wife.

…Here Is The Patience of The Saints...
Scene XXIX

-”All I am saying Sioux is that you’ve been depressed before as you count the lord slackness in coming so disappointing, ...not like this, not so close to committing a transgression against him, or grieving the Holy Spirit. "What do you do Sioux when you get this way, what do you tell me, us, the Paris Globe to do, when we can’t pray, or the holies of Holies can't pray through us?" "Then we turn to the book that is astronomical with them both prayer and praise, and we find a retaliating psalm.” “I thought of that and did that, I open my bible this morning and began reading a psalm and just before I was finished I realize it was the 17th psalm, and one scripture passage in particular 'arise, O Lord, disappoint, him (the wicked) cast him (the wicked) down, deliver my soul from the wicked, which is thy sword, …which Sioux is the living word of God, both written and made flesh." “Now tell me about this date, you’re going off subject, I don’t want to be here no more!” "Maaseiah and I both keep having these dreams about the great gathering only to awaken to the harsh reality we’re all still here, I’m tired Apache, I’m more tired than ever, ever before, come lord Jesus already." “What if I told you I’m beginning to have doubts, then Sioux you’re telling me how like us all, you’re human being." "The Christ Lord when he thought his suffering on the cross was a little too much, he cried my god, my god why hast thou forsaken me, meaning Sioux, it’s not all what it appear, none of this is, now please, Eve Lynn?" "All I can say about Eve Lynn," as one putting his coat on, his scarf and hand by hand his gloves, although it was yet to be lunch, a sorely depressed Sioux Noel had already had enough of this day. "Is there’s something unusual about her, even Apache disingenuous and it’s a puzzle written all over that pretty face of hers and I just can’t put my finger on it.” “It is really Sioux, or is it the fact you need something to be wrong?” “I’m going to go, I’m not worth a penny when I’m so dispirited, so disconnected heart, spirit and, ….hey you guys better come!” “The Juttah Darius is readying to speak, …you coming?” “You probably want to heart this, I’m right behind you, then Apache I’m to be excused for the day." "Make sure the entire group Creek is viewing this, it is of utmost importance.” {{{“First I want to thank you all for allowing us to come before you, as you see the Heir Juttah is returned," seeing how that Preece Ebonee is to halt his message of gratitude at all the loud cheering, clapping and celebration that the heir Jutth hath been return safe and unharmed.” “It is hard for me to express how greatly appreciative we are that our son, your Juttah heir is return to us, of course we regret the hardship this event caused across these lands, as so the world.” “Though it s evident these are measures taken that Meshullum Kedesh, meaning reconcile, be Holy is again return, please understand, the Darius Preecest nor myself, we had no power whatsoever, that the sun obeyed us a toll, this was the Supreme’s doing to again encourage the safety of Preece Meshullum." "It wasn’t long before he realized he was again home, open his eyes and reached out to receive his mother, just like a three year old, no different than a three year old for that is all he is.” “You must realize what is happening in New Ethiopia and across this continent, it is not of our own, it is of the Supreme's will and purpose for his people, we can, Preecest Karsiann nor myself, Preece Ebonee, we have no power whatsoever over the miraculous performing itself within these territories." "We like you want to be left alone to live, learn and raise our family, no different than you, just as you." "That was simple and plain enough, yeah well I'm out, before Sioux you leave there is something urgent we're to share, well I'm to share as Deer Grove isn't so willing." "I over heard you speaking to Apache Arrow about Eve Lynn, and you're right there are things, suspicious things about her, she isn't what she seem."

"Although the same is true about this Desrek Alum, after researching him, the death of his first wife, there is much foul play concerning her death?" "His first wife?" "Yes, Kiefer Bay is his second wife, his first wife was one Felicity Royale, she died rather horribly, it was staged to look like an accident that wasn't." "Let me, us be clear Hunter, you're saying someone is purposely killing Desrek Alum wives?" "Not just wives, all women who're very close to him, even his sister was literally killed, raped, nearly beaten to death, left to die." "Why, why would someone, anyone be targeting Desrek Alum women?" "We give you one guess," surprising brother Dear Hunter, that they're to speak, inquire simultaneously, though did this mystery have Maaseiah Adonai all interwtined therein. "Maaseiah, you're saying this is about Maasieah?" "Yes, which is why they've kept their distances, as though it is forbidden that they're to be together, as though one or both of them know." "Does this mean she's in danger?" "It mean Sioux she's in grave danger, this Nicholas Edin persuading her to Christian Cros, was truly genius, it is a fitting safe haven but not for long she best get to the Juttah." "You said somethng about Eve Lynn, Eve Lynn was originally born Adam Eve Malone, with much surgery, both gender and gene therapy she is now Eve Lynn, she's a man?" "Yes, no question, she was born a man, I knew there was something about her, something really allusive, the Rumah said a day would come when none would fool you, as so that day Sioux is here." "I know Apache, you thought I was just trying to get get of this, but I told you, so what does this mean?" "It mean Deer Grove despite the surgeries, Eve Lynn is a man, right Apache?" He's right, in the Supreme's eyes she is this Adam Eve person, as her finger and foot prints would convey, or unevil, I'm going to the rest room, I think I'm going to be sick." "Good work you guys, as I said, you're call Deer Hunter for a reason, so does this mean you'll not see her again, it mean I will not see her again as Eve Lynn, but as Adam Eve, that's totally up to him, good evening you guys, yeah, you too."

...Here Are They That Keep The Commandments Of God...

Scene XXX

{{{“Sioux Noel here, …Sioux, my lord I’ve been calling and calling, I thought you said you wanted to take the relationship to the next level, …that was before, before?” “ Before what?” Why don’t you Adam Eve tell me what that little something you forgot to tell me, could be?” “So,” noticeably as one brought to emotions being heard in her gentle voice, was it plain this reality was tearing her to bits. “So you know, I knew Sioux you would find out but perhaps not so soon, we are Eve Lynn investigative reporters, of course you knew we would find out, easily I may add.” “And just what is it holier than us all Arise Sioux Noel Deburk you think you know?” “Don’t do this, you was caught, a man portraying as a woman, do you know what a heinous, quite wicked trespass against all things holy and consecrated to God this horror is!” “All I know," once again able to hear the sentiment in her voice, that with every sordid revelation of his of how truly evil she was, were these heated accusations breaking her heart apart. “I probably Sioux began feeling as you about this whole thing when I was about ten years old, it was then I knew, and that knowing horrified me beyond description.” “I know your silence tells me this is not a conversation you want to have, what more is there to be said?” “What was thought could be can’t be, and that’s the end of it, this is the easy way everyone for all of my life has taken.” “Just what it is Eve Lynn you think you can tell me that is going to matter, that is going to justify what you’ve done to me, what you’ve possibly done to other men, deceiving us all this way?” “Is that Sioux a sincere inquiry, do you want to hear more, know more?” “ Because if you do, that alone will make you different than anyone I’ve ever been in contact with.” “Sioux, hello, …I’m here, ok, where do you want to meet?” “The House of Bourdon, Classic and Lane, building seventeen, the seventh flour, …seventeen and seven?” “Yes, it would possibly be best to grab a cab and ask him to bring you to this location, I’ll meet you there no later than 3:00 PM, …ok, see you then.”}}} <<
...And The Faith Of Jesus...
Scene XXXI

“Wow Lynn this place is amazing, yes, we call it our little Saint Jude, but I’m giving it all up, what’s that?” “I’ve applied for a position in New Africa, another month from now and I’m out of here, ah don’t worry the House of Bourdon is being left in very capable hands.” “I hope you’re full, yes, plenty and so delicious, …good, now we can talk, as I told you on the phone Sioux I was ten years old when I begin to realize things wasn’t as they seem.” “I’d been hinting around to my mother and she to the pastor at church, I know this, because I used to sit right outside the door as they talked.” “From those conversations, the little I could hear there was something my mother needed to tell me but for the living life, spirit of her she couldn’t, she nor my dad.” “It was obvious to the mirror in front of me, I was a girl, but it was also obvious to this body this girl was captured in had male tendencies.” “I don’t understand, I didn’t either, not for awhile, so one day while I was helping my mother with dinner, I simply said and I quote, momma, just tell me, I won’t be angry, I won’t blame you, I’ll know and knowing is better than not knowing.” “So right there she stopped what she was doing, began to wipe her hands into her apron and she left out of the room.” “I felt so guilty that I’d said too much, when not before long, she reentered with a file in hand, just as she hand it to me, my tall, forceful dad stepped into house from work.” “He said Carol,” so frightful and mighty, and mom just kept doing what she was doing and soon said, she asked to know Paul, it’s time she know.” “So he went on out of the kitchen to the living room, cut the set on, his regular routine, and mom turn and said, why don’t you honey take that to your room, read it and we’ll discuss it after dinner.” “What this file would tell me Sioux is I was born Adam Eve Lynn Malone, a male yes, but still a child whose true sexual identity was unknown.” “This mean I was born without either a genital or vaginal area, mother said that the area looked like a doll, and three days later she, papa and the surgeon decided, they would make me a girl and that was that.” “They didn’t see any harm in it, I was only three days old, how could a surgery of this magnitude matter to a three day old new born babe?” “I know how juvenile that sound, that they were all panic and confused, but like I said I was ten years old now and I begin to know, male traits began to show, even feelings begin to again evolve.” “I brushed it all off, held my head high, I knew I was neither male or female, but in my heart, in my heart I’d been designed a female and no matter how deeply I wanted to trespass against this heart decision I couldn’t, I just couldn’t.” “I went on to have gender and gene therapy, I’d not done this, they’d done this to me, a form of switched at birth if you will, if the limb is artificial is it therefore not of the body, scenario?” “I didn’t ask anymore questions about it until I was around sixteen, a year before graduation, the prom and prom dates, ah god Sioux I can’t tell you how confusing it all was.” “I wanted and desired as a man but I wanted and desired as a woman and no one, no one I went to could give me answers, but to fall on my face to the Supreme for the next ten years up to now.” “This place, creating the House Of Bourdon clinic has been my answer, the majority of the children now born this way are brought, here, brought here Sioux before trepidation and dread make an impossible to live with decision for them all.” “My Christ in heaven Lynn that is what this is?” “Yes, you’ll be surprised Sioux how many of these children are abandoned because their parents don’t know what to do with them or how.” “The Bourdon Clinic over see them until they’re ready themselves to make a decision, then we bring in the best surgeons on his planet.” “We make it happen, we refuse to alternate a child from his or her true identity, the males are made as so, as so the females are made as so, we’ve done this with zero error for the last seven years.” “So Mr. Deburk I ask you again, what is it that you think you know about Adam Eve Lynn?” “Apparently nothing, …I won’t Sioux make it so hard on you, it has taken much, much prayer and many trials, as so much uncertainty and again clarity to place me Sioux Noel where I am today, where these abandon children are.” “I found you, the Paris Globe because I agree with you, it is better to enter the Juttah married, than to be tempted into a trespass of the divine things of God, thus I hid my truest identity from you until a year ago.” “I admit Eve, Lynn, I’m flabbergasted at these revelations in heart places I little thought I had, I’m speechless heart, mind and soul.” “Then you, you’re guiltless and I feel so bad about the things I said before, everything you said Sioux was true, they just weren’t true about Adam Eve Lynn that’s all.” “I have to go, you’re welcome Sioux to tour the House of Bourdon as long as you like, just go to admissions and they will assign you a guide, I have two arrivals and I can’t wait to meet them, call me?” “Ah, yes, I will, it’s a lot to digest, I know, it seem every ten years I was made to know and understand some better up to now, good evening Sioux, and you Eve Lynn as well.” <<<”Hey you guys, did you all get that article I asked for?” “Right here, so what are you thinking?” “I don’t, look just before Desrek was attacked and we lost Kiefer, by the way did you guys see her twin sister Taelyn, yeah, almost like someone was playing a joke, what did Desrek say?” “Nothing, it was as though she wasn’t even there, which sound like Desrek, …the question you guys is what is T-KAMB saying?” “My lord Dexter I didn’t think about that?” “They thought they killed Desrek and he lived, for all they know when they saw her that was all another hit and miss, her appearing at those services could’ve easily marked her for death.” “I better call Kassle, I can’t believe Dexter none of us thought about this until now, well Sole, none of us thought they would be that identical looking, right, ah, I’ll talk to you guys later, I’ll call if anything is suspicious, ...right, you be careful as well.” “He, Sole was going to tell you how up until these horrors with Derry, he was going to persuade wife Kassle to move to Jamaica, but now he’s thinking about New Africa, you want more coffee?” “Yeah, sure.” “What do you think?” “I’m beginning Dex to think all young people are going to leave this country for New Africa, not all, only those like Sole, the young marriage worshippers they call them.” "Marriage worshippers!” “Marriage worshippers!” “That’s again Ron what they’re called, seeing in order to live right for the Supreme, especially in the African Juttah, it’s better to marry then to burn, than to end up on that hill …no you stay right there, I’ll get JJ.”
...Write Blessed Are that die in the Lord From Hence forth...

“Mason is out of surgery, you said to let you know, ...yeah, I’ll get right in there, three more days and you’re out of here, yeah, New Africa, this month has went so fast it seem” “Still no word from him?” “Still Lawren no word, though perhaps where all is concern no news is good news, huh?” “Yeah, perhaps, I better get to her, I kind of promised her, …well look at you, I slept good, …good, I think honey that’s a good sign, so it’s all done, I’m officially a girl now?” “All done and that is exactly what you are, just as the day you was born, good, yes it’s very good.” “Can I Dr. Malone tell you something?” “I really like Arthur and he really like me and now that it’s official I guess we can be girl and boy friends, right?” “Well I think you two are a bit young, only twelve each, but if you wait for the intimate part, the child bearing part, but I will right, I will one day have children?” “Yes, hopefully when you’re a little older and married.” “You did say we will be able to see you and talk with you by the communicator everyday when you go to New Africa?” “I wouldn’t go unless that Mason was absolutely true, now you need to start thinking whether you’re going to remain here at Bourdon or your grand-mothers house.” “Grandmother really want me, I can tell, yes, so you have to make that decision, if I do, If I decide to go, what’s happen to Arthur and I?” “Well I think if grandmother Lots really love you, and want to help you, she’ll be glad to help you with Arthur and if not, you better call me right away.” “You sure you have to go?” “No, but Mason I’m sure lots and lots of children won’t be helped unless I go, then you're right, you have to go, no one care about children like you, like Dr. Malone.” “I’m going to go, let you sleep just a bit more, and when you awake you can show us what a big appetite you have, so I’ll see you in just about three hours .” <<<”I don’t think Marshall I can do this, do you know how hard it was not to cry in there?” “I know how hard it was for you not to cry, yes.” “Nothing of this magnitude is easy, it never has been and never will be, but just think if you didn’t have a reputation for trying and accomplishing the impossible the House of Bourdon wouldn’t, or even couldn’t exist.” “I completely agree with that assessment, …Mr. Deburk, …Dr. Malone, seven days before my departure, you like to cut things really close, …yes, I guess you can say that, ah lunch is getting cold, handing his arm to her like so, had Lawren and Marshall been in on the whole thing, that they’re to set her up and surprise her in this manner. “Lunch, like Madam, in the finest house on this block, probably in this city, the House of Bourdon, you are this bad, to go behind my back and all?” “I should say I’m getting a real reputation for it, well at my schedule Mr. Deburk, you have like an hour and no more, ah, just perfect, just perfect I say.” <<<”No do you know the danger Taelyn you’ve placed yourself in coming here?” “That is the question, Kiefer told me she knew, that she was being followed, she was certain of it, then why the hell didn’t she tell anyone?” “My god this possibly could’ve been avoided, do you really Desrek believe that , once a stalker decide they want you dead, your every day routine become your Achilles' heel, and their greatest opportunity.” “I guess you’re right, I know Desrek I’m right, remember where you were and why?” “I promised her if anything happen to her, not believing for a second anything would happen to her, that I would find you and let you know how vitally important you was to her.” “Well I thank you Taelyn for keeping this promise, I still must insist you most of all be careful, …it was nice finally meeting you,” handing her hand like so , making this the end of their conversation, both of them having planes to catch, Desrek Alum unable to get passed how much she resembled his precious Kiefer Bay. “Perhaps we will again see one another, when I come to New Africa perhaps, my Fiancée Kaylip and I, we’ve been discussing it, will be an honor Taelyn to see you there, good blessings to you Desrek, ...and to you.” <<<”This fish is absolutely delicious, yes, so are these dumplings, …so how did you do it, how did you get such good cooks here?” ”I’m afraid the way I’ve done it all, I searched around for the best, and you, how did you get my assistant to conspire against me this way?” “Surely you jest, look at me, possibly the most handsome fellow they ever did see, a vain Sioux Noel Deburk, I’m not buying that, although what you say is true.” “What I shared with you nearly a month pass didn’t drive you insane, right?” “For a short time yes, so I sat down with Apache, ah, you know him as Tristian Allen, I hope you don’t mind that I confide in him?” “No, as long as it isn’t written up in one of those special articles of his, no, but that’s next, he’s reeling in and through to have an interview about the Bourdon House.” “No, it’ll just make us a target for all the loony bins out there, T-KAMB and all the others, I just couldn’t do that to the children here.” “Is that why you’re here?” “No, no, I’m here because I wanted to see you again, talk to you again, even visit this amazing House, Eve, I understand everything you just said, I told Apache literally the same exact thing.” “So how cold are your feet?” “Excuse me?” “New Africa, your trip, how cold are your feet, ah, just before you arrived and brought me to this delicious lunch, they were very, extremely cold but there’s plenty of warmth now.” “You think I should relocate the entire House of Bourdon to New Africa don’t you?” “How did you do that, know that?” “Because you and I think alike and I’ve considered the same thing, I haven’t admitted it to myself, but I think it’s the reason I’m going to New Africa, so I can rightly compass the place and see if it’s at all possible.” “Sioux, yes?” “Come with me, …huh?” “I said come to New Africa with me, help me make the next greatest decision of my life, I know it’s something you and the others been contemplating, and how Eve Lynn do you know that?” “I know things, I have since I was very young, well, we’re far beyond contemplating, five of us are already in the Juttah, with Apache Arrow only weeks off.” “To be honest if I leave Cheyenne will be here all alone, I’m not asking you to come and live in New Africa, but to come and help me make this assessment, I know you can, you’re doing the same thing right now with the Paris Globe, …there you go again, …it’s not that, you forget we’ve been communicating by way of the Communicator for three years now, …you’re right, I forgot about those long nights of spilling my guts, so?” “So I have like, what, seven and a half days to get ready?” “Great, fantastic, …now come with me, I have a little girl, fresh out of surgery I want you to meet, Mason, the progress with her has been incredible, she’ll be leaving soon to go live with her grandmother, come, you’re gonna love this.

To Be Continue

-That you be aware, that you be born again, that you know an Apostle of Jesus Christ is among you. As to pluck Ambers from the burning, take heed that no man deceive you, Apb, The Rising Above Ministry, The RAM
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-There's something about school buses, about bus drivers and their child passengers, about drivers being sorely lost and these children easily and vulgarly lead therein, the lost leading the lost mightily on the map 11/17/2011

-Light (righteousness) hath come, but men loved darkness (unrighteousness more than light for their deeds (lifestyles) are evil...JCON See Jn. 3:19

-I Beheld the transgressor and was grieved because he kept not thy word Ps. 119:158

-For Salvation Pray: I’m sorry Lord God, forgive me for my sins, wash me and cleanse me and then, by Jesus Christ receive me into thy glory again.

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